Dancing Massage for Massage Association


In the morning of Monday I started a massage. I am a professional massage therapist.

For twenty five years have been doing massage. After teaching in the vocational school WSPA-TECHOLOGIPS I went to Tibet, where developed the technique of "Dancing massage". And Eastern practitioner beliefs in September there are good days, it was at this time that it is necessary to make people welcome. And all I can do is to massage. So I decided to just these days do people massage.

At 9: 00 p.m. I began to twist back the first visitor. My schedule is scheduled for five days ahead. Every hour, the man to whom I make the massage is changing. During the session, I do not speak, but only move in time with the music.

One session was enough for me to understand that anything like this has not happened to me before. It makes the massage is very unique.
I hold sessions one-by-one with an interval of not more than five minutes to one hour. In the diet for five days only mineral water, Apple juice and sugar, refined. Unlike last year, when after three days of massage on his bare leg rubbed off their blood, this year the record puts someone else. The observed shifts only close people: friend, Assistant. Money for a record master to take sessions will not, but people can donate their savings. They will be spent on one of the orphanages. Night massage, by the way, will not differ from the day. In line for record reception have already inscribed their names and famous people. For example, the "real guys" decided to try how good the Kirov masseur. The guys arrive at the salon on September. We hope that the session will include footage from the new season. Although we can already see the online broadcast of the personal site.

The music, which makes massage, I picked up myself. It's four different set on 55 minutes. Basically it is a popular club music. Under the clockwork rhythms move the hand of the master. According to friends, the most severe in the second and the fourth day will be. The second I will sleep, and a fourth is already a new record. Last year, I squeezed back without rest for three days, his body is ready for that line, and the fourth day test. But friends believe that client is strong spirit and body.

Believe in the possibility of a 120-hour continuous massage and those who have already visited by me.

-This is my first time. I am amazed at the skill and ability of this technique. The desire to record only positive attitude. It seems to me that energy is transferred during the massage and fills my body. And it's great.


16 Dec 2014