Tyan Anmo Massage Continuing Education School Introduces Rehabilitation of the Central Nervous System, Therapy That Rejuvenates and Helps to Heal.

Tyan Anmo Massage Continuing Education School Introduces; Rehabilitation of the Central Nervous System, Therapy That Rejuvenates and Helps to Heal.
The brain is the source of the functions of the body. Absolutely all physiological processes of the body are controlled by the brain. A lot of research has been done on the study of brain functions and its physiology. The brain absorbs the energy and blood from the body, exceeding other organs in this indicator by five times. The brain can burn energy of about 300 to 500 calories per day and if we consider that the weight of the brain is only 2 % of our body weight, that is a significant number ( Brown, Guy. The Energy of Life. New York: Free Press, 1999, Hart, Leslie. How the Brain Works. New York: Basic Books, Publishers, 1975.). From this, it is clear, that when the brain tissues are overheated during the day,  the temperature  becomes a major factor, affecting the productive activity of the brain. The higher the temperature of brain, the higher the pressure within the cranium (Brain temperature, body core temperature, and intracranial pressure in acute cerebral damage S Rossi, E Roncati Zanier, I Mauri, A Columbo, N Stocchetti), thus inhibiting the basic functions of the brain. It can be compared to the process of egg protein denatiration during slight heating. Therefore, the reason the brain is the biggest blood absorber is to decrease the brain temperature with its cooling blood sinuses and cavities. At the optimum temperature the brain produces the optimum amount of hormones and neurotransmitters and the body works as a precisely tuned mechanism.  When the brain is overheated and the production of hormones is not balanced,  rapid aging and the acquision of certain diseases occurs.

The brain controls not only biomechanical, but biochemical functions of the body as well.  All brain hormones are the beginning of important biochemical chains of metabolism, to name a few; Vasopressin, Melatonin, ACTH, the most important group of Vaso- active Intestinal Peptides , Follicle-stimulating hormones, Dopamine, Somatotropin, Prolactin and others. Without these hormones life is impossible. If their production is limited in the brain and hormones are produced in a disorderly manner or a disproportionate number, we are seeing the manifestation of disease and rapid aging.
The state of the brain is a key indicator of the health of the whole body. Today everybody is trying to treat metabolic disorders with different pills or with surgery. It is forgotten that the cause of everything that happens to the human body is due to the state of the brain. Therefore, by balancing and restoring the function of the brain, it is possible to heal many ailments or slow the aging process.
One of the indicators of congestion of the brain is an overproduction of destructive hormones of the Sympathetic and Adrenal systems (The Adrenal Cortex and the Sympathetic Nervous System, Estelle R. Ramey and M.S. Goldstein From Department of  Physiology, University of Illinois). Tyan Anmo Continuing Education School for Massage Therapists has developed a manual therapy technique including the use of biofeedback for monitoring the function of the central nervous system (Sympathetic Skin Response). Using this method, we can see the dynamics of the treatment and what areas we need to enhance to achieve the maximum results and thereby restore the brain's capacity for self-rehabilitation.
With each session the client sees a change in the function of the central nervous system on the chart and gradually his body enters a productive sleep. Afterall, everybody knows that one normal sleep will replace tens of pills and at a certain age dreams about such a good sleep.

27 Apr 2014