Happy Child Happy Parents Massage Classes

Modern children ...
How are they different living their childhood in a completely different way, in contrast to their parents - children of 70s-80s.
After all, the lifestyle has changed not only children but also parents, look around: we are all on the cellphones, watching TV,
computers or iPads.
Children and adults communicate via messages, losing the skills of diction and expressive speech.
They look for virtual idols on the Internet, ignoring their parents, become victims of internet bulling and spam.
In general, life is becoming more active and real on the Internet than with our families.
Yes, just like that, at a fast pace, we lose touch with the children as an effect, we turn into strangers.
Parents are desperately looking for ways to attract children to physically real life, adventures into nature, sports clubs,
dance classes, etc., but not everyone has the time and money for such expensive ways to distract them from electronic gadgets, especially those activities do not guarantee family harmony. Fortunately, to our universal happiness, there is a magnificent way out - Happy Child Happy Parents Massage.
If you have ever received a good massage, then you know what a pleasure it is for your body. You fall into
the sweet reality of your body, as the laughing-gas neurotransmitter NO comes out of the muscles and nerve endings, as well as
pyruvate and lactic acid, which are stuck in the tissues. And you understand how it is necessary for your body.
Massage makes it possible to slow down the entire central nervous system, thereby restoring nerve cells,
and it improves sleep, thinking capacity, and memory.
Proper massage strengthens joints and bones, straightens posture and gait.
Frequent massages improve the blood circulation of all organs and tissues, which helps the cardiovascular system.
Which also improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
And all this is important for the healthy development of children of all ages, especially adolescents.
Happy Child Happy Parents Massage is a non-professional massage from parents to children and from children to parents.
The purpose of this massage is to improve the body and strengthen the bond between parents and their children.
Every child, even a teenager of 17-18 years old, needs parental love and care. But how to manifest
your love and care? in words? Yes, in words, but with-time words lose their meaning, and children already ignore
your words. Here comes to the aid Happy Child Happy Parents Massage.
It is during physical touch that you convey your love and care.
Children love massage, they perfectly understand it's unique ability to restore the body. Benefits for children - self-awareness, sense of reality strengthens, children become grounded to reality of body. They begin to think fundamentally, that is, deeply grounded, based on real facts.
Thus, if you want to strengthen your family bond as well as strengthen the health of your children and live peacefully and happily
in your family, sign up for our classes Happy Child Happy Parents Massage Classes!

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