Aging and Brain

Rehabilitation therapy of Brain activity.
The brain is a source of the functioning of the body. Absolutely all physiological processes of the body controlled by the brain. A lot of researches done in the study of brain function and its' physiology. Analysis of all the works of modern scholars on the brain leads to this conclusion: Brain absorbs the most energy and blood in the human body, exceeding other organs in this indicator in about five times. Brain burns energy of about 300 - 500 calories per day and if we consider that the weight of the brain is only 2 % of body weight, it is a huge figure. From this it is clear that the brain tissues are getting heated during the day and a study of Medical Neuro Doctors can conclude that brain temperature is a significant factor affecting the productive activity of the brain. The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure within the cranial, the more the braking of the basic functions of the brain. It can be compared with the process of egg protein denaturation during slight heating. Therefore, the reason the brain is the biggest blood absorber is to decrease in brain temperature with its' cooling blood sinuses and cavities. At the optimum temperature of the brain produced the optimum amount of hormones and neurotransmitters, when the body works as a precisely tuned mechanism. But when the brain is overheated and the production of hormones is not balanced, the person begins aging and acquiring certain diseases .
In fact, human life is an existence of the brain and we can safely say that life is manifested in the golden ball of the brain and the silver column of spinal cord, and everything else is just meat and bones. The brain controls not only biomechanical but the biochemical functions of the body. Absolutely all brain hormones are a beginning of all important biochemical chains of metabolism. To name just some of them Vasopressin, Melatonin, ACTH, the most important group of Vaso- active Intestinal Peptides , Follicle-stimulating hormone, Dopamine, Somatotropin, Prolactin and others. Without these hormones life is impossible. If its production is limited in the brain and hormones are produced in a disorderly manner and disproportionate in relation to each other, we are seeing the manifestation of disease and rapid aging.

From the above said, we see that the state of the brain is a key indicator of health of the organism. Today we're watching the over our body, trying to treat metabolic disorders with different pills, even go to see surgery Doctors, but we have forgotten that the cause of everything that happens to us is a state of our brain. Therefore, by balancing and restoring the function of the brain we can allow our body to heal many ailments. We can even slow aging.
Normally during day time, the brain tissue is heated and intracranial pressure rises. It creates a hostile environment for brain function and complete brain activity inhibition comes, man falls into a healthy and productive sleep. Normally during night time brain produces the most powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging hormone melatonin, which neutralizes free radicals (potential carcinogens and aggressors for metabolism) and the person wakes up refreshed and ready for any life events. Unfortunately after a certain age, this process will never happen, because Melatonin is no longer produced in the right quantity and the person wakes up with a heavy head and aged more than yesterday.

To stop the process of aging and disease generation we need to know how to restore the brain activity and its functions. The main indicator of congestion of the brain is a production of large number of destructive hormones  of sympathetic and epynephretic systems. In our center we have developed physiotherapy and manual therapy technique with the use of biofeedback for monitoring the function of the central nervous system. Using this method we can see the dynamics of the treatment and what we need to enhance to achieve a maximum result and thereby restore the brain capacity of self-rehabilitation.

With each session the client sees a change in the function of the central nervous system on the chart and gradually his body enters a productive sleep. Afterall we all know that only one normal sleep will replace thousands of pills. And each of us in certain age dreams about such a good sleep. Come to our clinic and we will help you get back on the path of true healing.

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22 Mar 2014