Massage For Immortality

Over the past few decades, human life has changed dramatically. Technological progress has changed almost everything in our lives. We all rushed into the world of the Internet, and enthusiastically master new gadgets and applications. Medicine also does not stand still, people now prefer modern medicine and companies invest huge resources in direction of medical science, with the hope of obtaining effective means and methods in the treatment and prevention of diseases. What about alternative medicine? Are there any innovations in this area?
Alternative medicine is based on the concept of ancient medical books. And the development of this medicine depends on understanding these books. When modern medicine is continuous experiments with medications and the introduction of technology, while alternative medicine is the ultimate understanding of the principles of life. MT Aybek Izzatov knows both medicines very well and gives preference to alternative medicine, more than that he is completely obsessed with Massage therapy.
The most important principle of any medicine is the motto - do no harm, "Nolli nocera." This motto, unfortunately, is often ignored by modern medicine, since almost all drugs harm the body, although they provide temporary relief of symptoms. Alternative medicine, if used correctly, does not have such side and malevolent effects.
One of the most basic principles of alternative medicine is the principle of the food chain. This chain consists of the links of the transformation of food into the body and the life-giving "Ojas" juice. The sequence is: food turns into plasma, plasma turns into blood, blood into muscle, muscle into fat, fat into bone, bone into bone marrow, bone marrow into seed, seed into life-giving "Ojas" juice that nourishes important organs and supports life. There should be 11 drops of this juice and 3 of them in the heart. This sequence of transformations has wastes that must be completely excreted from the body. If they are not excreted, then they begin to nourish and grow into the substance "amma" (rotten waste) - which has a myriad of types, depending on the causes and location of the accumulation of these waste. "Amma" is the cause of disease and old age, as it blocks the links of the food chain and the amount of Ojas or life-giving juice is reduced. While the amount of Ojas is optimal, a person will live forever. Good nutrition and proper daily routines, as well as physical activity and good air prolong life. But unfortunately this is not enough, the thin channels and blood vessels are gradually narrowed due to the constantly formed plaque - "Amma", especially in the heart. Blood volume and heart strength are reduced, which reduces the formation of Ojas and the body gradually withers.
MT Aybek Izzatov, with nearly 30 years of experience in massage, has long developed a massage to maintain the optimal amount of Ojas and experimented with a huge number of different patients. And finally, the massage method for prolonging life or, as he calls it: massage for immortality, is already widely used by him in practice. Massage is carried out in stages and the features of this massage technique are: its duration (3-4 hours), frequency (every other day) and the alternation of manual techniques with stretching, breathing and acupressure. From the comments of patients, the first two weeks of overcoming pain are the most difficult, and then everything becomes the routine and the digestive chain becomes effective again. A person feels an increase in energy and strength inside his body, ultimate rejuvenation experience.