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Tyan Anmo course of continuing education for Massage Therapists in Illinois is based on ancient knowledge of Siva Sutras and basics of Biofeedback. Here is a begining of study materials of the course.

Little is known about the internal, spiritual dimension of reality. We are much more familiar with the physical world. Yet the science itself recognizes the existence of invisible, causal forces that are only known through the impact they have on the observable world.

Our physical health and spiritual health are interlinked. More and more people start to notice how our spiritual health and happiness spill over onto our physical health.  The realm of invisible, causal reality need not remain shrouded in mystery. Indeed, there is an urgent need for humanity to develop a comprehensive understanding of human life's inner dimensions in order to put human existence on earth into proper perspective and order.  As a modern society, we almost owe it to ourselves to use our mind and spirituality to our advantage in healing and improving our lives, and the possibilities of that are endless. We just have to open our minds to see them.

The ancient science of healing bliss and self-realization was described in the Shiva Sutras. The Shiva Sutras are a collection of seventy seven aphorisms that form the foundation of the tradition of spiritual mysticism.  Devi is, quintessentially, the core form of every Hindu Goddess.  Devi is the Supreme Being in the Shaktism tradition of Hinduism.  Devi embodies the active energy and power of male deities such as Shiva in Shaivism.          

Devi Asks: O Shiva, what is your reality?

What is this wonder-filled universe?

What constitutes seed?

Who centers the universal wheel?

What is this life beyond form pervading forms?

How may we enter it fully, above space and time, names and descriptions?

Those are the questions that many minds have wondered about for centuries, and, if answered, they will provide the truth and knowledge about spirituality as the key to our well being.  

The following are some of the meditation techniques that Shiva gave to his consort Devi, the core of these techniques is centering and (or) integrating mind and body,



***** While being caressed, Sweet Princess, enter the caress as everlasting life.

***** Place your whole attention in the nerve, delicate as the lotus thread, in the center of your spinal column. In such be transformed.

***** Blessed One, as senses are absorbed in the heart, reach the center of the lotus.

***** Without support for feet or hands, sit only on the buttocks. Suddenly the centering.

***** In a moving vehicle, by rhythmically swaying, experience. Or in a still vehicle, by letting yourself swing in slowing invisible circles.

***** Pierce some part of you nectar filled form with a pin, and gently enter the piercing and attain to the inner purity.

***** Eyes closed, See your inner being in detail. Thus see your true nature.

***** At the point of sleep, when the sleep has not yet come and the external wakefulness vanishes, at this point is revealed.

***** Oh Beloved, put attention neither on pleasure nor on pain, but between these.

*****Consider your essence as light rays from center to center up the vertebrae, and so rises “livingness” in you.

***** Waking, sleeping, dreaming, know you as light.

***** Focus on fire rising through your form from the toes up until the body burns to ashes but not you.

***** Feel: my thought, I-ness, internal organs – me.

***** Toss attachment for body aside, realizing I am everywhere. One who is everywhere is joyous.

***** Touching eyeballs as a feather, lightness between them opens into the heart and there permeates the cosmos.

***** Consider the plenum to be your own body of bliss.

***** Enter space, supportless, eternal, still.

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