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Hello, dear friends. 

Today we decided to share our knowledge and experience - how to become successful.

In fact, everything is simple, you need to clearly know what you want and you need to have a lot of energy and optimism. If you clearly know what you are doing and are highly energetic, you become a valuable employee or employer both in company and for your clients. And usually you grow up to managers and directors.

Knowledge and Energy or Strength.
When you enter a dark room, you do not know what is there, but when you turn on the light, you will know everything, so knowledge happens when it is light.
And any energy is a mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, so this means energy has a light nature.
Why am I saying this
Once I was a mediocre and lazy young man, and I graduated from the medical college in poor country, and was very far from success. I was lucky to meet a person who awakened the energy of light in my innermost conciousness through certain meditation. After that experience I wrote many unique and popular fiction books, including massage books, learned English very fast, moved to America, passed the hardest exams for a medical doctor in USA USMLE, introduced innovative concepts of restoring sleep and falling asleep thru reflexology and neurofeedback, started correction of metabolism for treating various diseases and all that thanks to proper meditation.
When more light shines for the inner eye, the mind sees everything clearly, and thoughts become bright and few, then the mind does not seek to sort out between many thoughts and worries, the body is free from stress, tiredness and tension, you become confident and energetic.
People are attracted to you, and you become a symbol of success.
It sounds tempting, isn't it.

Your mind becomes magnificient, it makes only right decisions, it memorizes fast and easy, it manipulates with images and thoughts smooth and it is joyful and cheerful because it is bright.

So how can you learn such meditation? Well, very simply, through the shaktipat. Shakti is energy, pat is transmission. We all have mirror neurons and we can feel each other thru them. You just concentrte on what I feel and you will develop same state of mind.

In order for your aura to open up for shaktipat, you need to contact me and just tell me about yoursel, and i will keep you in my mind.


Illumination of the inner world
and the development of a magnificent mind.

You should know that
there are 3 kinds of achieving success.

Let's take for instance success to be rich.

The first kind to be rich is ignorance way
- when we save
on everything, on food, on entertainment, on education,
on comfort, in general
one becomes a miser, but nevertheless succeeds in saving.

The second kind is passion, when you can forcely take someone’s
money or even cheat.
Or work passionately, constantly acting according to
the certain instructions,
using tons of stimulants like caffeine, red bull etc.
One succeeds at expense of health or risking his well being family etc.

Well, the third kind is goodness, when one concentrates on a task,
sees clearly the past, present and future, transforme himself accordingly and calmly gets to the goal, he achieves the success beouse he seess the thrue reality, while not attached to the fruits  of his actions. 

It is like you set a fire.

Ignorance is lack of knowledge, laziness and greed. They bring a lot of junk that is not a firewoods and do not burn right, pile it up and start fire which becomes small and
the vision is bad because of smoke.

With passion, on the contrary, they pour huge amount of starters
or fuel fluids on firewood and the flame is huge for short time, 
and suddenly gets dark till next portion of fuel, so the vision is still bad.

With goodness the fire burns brightly because they know and they choose clean air and
there is no dust and turbidity and lot of oxygen.
And there's good amount of firewoods,
good amount of flame, good amount of warmth and
vision is clean and good, everything is good in goodness.

Therefore, our magnificient mind meditation increases goodness in your inner world and cleans and illures the inner light and you see your future.

Please contsct me and watch videos on our channel.

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