Points of Fate and Fortune Energy

Surely everyone dreams of a happy life, a long life, without illnesses, without stress and problems.

Many dream of a successful career: from the soldier to the general, from the performer to the boss.

Almost everyone dreams of a stable family, a loving wife and beautiful children.

But unfortunately, dreams most often do not coincide with fate. Is there a unique life path for each of us, according to which we must go to the fatal end? Or still a person tramples on his path himself, wandering into the jungle of problems or finding himself in an unexpected oasis of luxury and so on. We will reveal the answers to these questions below, and now a little about the work.

"Who does not work shall not eat."

Today's world is boiling in the variety of choices of jobs in the field of information technology, medicine, marketing, etc. At the same time, competition and contests for receiving these works boil even more gruelingly, creating tension and uncertainty in themselves among employees and new arrivals.

Work - for a modern person is almost in the first place, because without it there is no strong marriage, no good education for children, not even a decent socializing circle of friends.

Every adult understands the importance of employment and the possibility of a career growth through exponential functionality at work. Therefore, a sensible worker tries to be active and useful, as well as knowledgeable in his field, as competition constantly follows the heels of worker on the desired job.

We can conclude from the above: stress is inevitable for our average statistical worker. According to the World Organization of Labor (ILO), 160 million workers suffer from occupational ailments every year, an impressive figure. According to statistics in the US, every adult visits a doctor at least 4 times a year, about 60 million adults a year turn to a massage therapists and chiropractors with pain in the lower back, neck, muscles and joints. In addition, the forecasts are unfavorable, because tensions in corporate work and in medicine are also growing. Therefore, there is a need for prevention of occupational syndromes and diseases. And now a little about the family. We all know, it is easy to create a family, it is hard to save. The family rests on three pillars: money, love and children.

"A good leftist strengthens the marriage."

A meaningful proverb ... More precisely, the word "leftist". First of all, this word means earnings, since without a material base the family is destroyed. Another meaning of the word "leftist" is the periodic change in the context of family relations, that is, the release of the inevitable tension in the family by certain activities - this is quality sex, travel, art and spirituality.
The wife is always on the right, so one more meaning of this word is the children who are on the left.
From all of the above, we can conclude: how much effort you need to succeed in life. It is necessary to be educated, strong, young with high potency, creative and, moreover, lucky. How can we achieve all this?

And now it's time to answer the above questions. In fact, the person creates the destiny himself. Even in the womb, he begins to code his individual program. Man is the engineer of his destiny. He codes his program completely unconsciously, what only codes do not get into this program, all life situations, feelings, impressions, emotions, knowledge and decisions are active co-authors of this program, that is his fate. In reality, a person can actually change the program. There are parameters for which you need to concentrate and change the codes of your program. If a person learns to control his body, 20-30% of the fate will be under control. If a person learns to control his mind, 50-60% of his fate will be under control. If a person learns to control his life energy, then almost 100% of his fate will be under control.
In order to learn how to control all your parameters, you just need to know yourself.

School of massage and manual therapy Tyan Anmo offers you a unique three-day training "Points of Fate and Fortune Energy".

Courses are held on Sundays from 17:00 to 20:00.

At the end of the course you will learn to control your body, mind and vital energy.
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