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Master Class

Master Class Massage Course

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Title:                      MASTER  CLASS
96 Contact Hours

Location:              Wheeling, Illinois 
Saturday-Sunday  Scheduled Weeks Within 6 Weeks

Time:                     9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  
Aybek Izzatov

Massage Continuing Education Course Objectives.


Master Class


395 E Dundee rd. Suite 500, Wheeling, IL 60090




The selective core training received at Tyan Anmo School  will prepare Massage Therapists to be an effective and knowledgeable, competent in the fundamentals of body structure, function of the various body systems relating to Massage Therapy,  and applicable  Master Class Massage Modality.





1. To develop a program teaching Master Class massage technique.

2. To understand that the body’s own healing system works optimally when in a relaxed and balanced state, and the benefits of relaxation.

3. To learn Master Class massage technique that can be performed on massage table.

4. To learn how to give a Master Class massage with proper draping of the participant on a massage table.

5. To learn how to give a Master Class massage in 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

6. To learn the different between ordinary massage and Master Class Massage

7. Professionalism and ethics.




1. To understand the scope of practice for Master Class massage.

2. Have the skills to give a quality Master Class massage using healing touch.

3. To learn record keeping and confidentiality protocols.

4. To understand contraindications and precautions before performing Master Class massage.


Course Outline:


Hours - 96 hours of contact hours.

In person course details:


Title:                Master Class Massage Technique

Subject:           Massage Bodywork.

Location:        395 E Dundee rd. Suite 500, Wheeling, IL 60090



                          Aybek Izzatov, MT.


Evaluations:    A. Quiz at end of each class.

                          B. One Final Evaluation.


Structure of Program:


• Registration, orientation, overview of course requirements.

• Theory of relaxation response and benefits of relaxation.

• Defining Master Class massage.

• Defining scope of practice for Master Class massage.

• Defining and demonstrating the kinds of strokes used in Master Class massage.

• Basic Anatomy and Physiology – naming landmarks and muscles targeted for relaxation massage for the head, neck, face , shoulders, back, torso and legs.

• Demo for head, neck, shoulders, torso, legsmassage.

• Students in-class clinical practice head, neck, face, shoulders and Trapezium, torso, legsmassage.

• Review: anatomy and physiology for the day; questions& answers, quiz and homework assignments.

• Self-care exercise exercises for practitioner well being:

     1.   stretching the hand and fingers

     2.   wrist circles

     3.   wrist stretch with fingers up

     4.   table stretch

     5.   hand exercise ball

• Body Mechanics for doing Master Class massage and demonstration doing table massage.

• Universal precautions, personal hygiene and hydration.

• Cleaning and storing, and moving your equipment with ease.

• Anatomy and physiology popliteal space of the knee, foot, ankle and toes.

• Anatomy and physiology of the low back and buttock muscles.

• Demonstration of relaxation massage of the low back and buttocks.

• Students practice relaxation massage of low back and buttocks.

• Proper body mechanics for Master Class massage practitioner when doing massage of a person in the prone position.

• Turning the participant from prone to supine – precautions.

• Class discussion – Q & A – Review.

• Quiz.

• Homework assignment – Register as Masseuse.

• Collect homework: A & P and practice sessions.

• Collect registration paperwork for Certificate.

• Practice – roll play: the client interview and intake forms.

• Scope of practice : confidentiality, record keeping, business practices and paperwork.

• Starting a Master Class massage business.

• Defining professionalism and ethics.

• Self- Care exercises for hands, wrists, fingers neck, and shoulders.

• Stretches and breath work - students practice setting fulcrums.

• When and how to use lotions, oils and creams.

• Demonstration of draping a partially clothed client.

• Students practice draping techniques.

• Student practicum in class demonstration a 60 minute relaxation massage with a lotion on a draped client prone to supine position.

• Question and answers – Review Ethics Scope of Practice.

• Quiz.

• Review Homework Assignments – Practice sessions – Completion review & Quiz.

• Self care massage techniques to promote practitioner well being.

• Stretches to promote strong healthy back, neck, knees.

• Final Evaluation.

• Student in-class Final Clinical hours.

• Student class evaluation forms.

• Certificates given out – Graduation.



Aybek  Izzatov,  LMT


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We have developed this technique of biofeedback and massage for massage therapists to earn their continuing education hours and at the same time to grow their skills and knowledge in massage science. Each massage therapist has to know this technique to provide the best therapy today.




Education :

The Second Tashkent Medical Institute

2 Faroby street , Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700109,

tel- +998 71 144 2603 Fax - +998 71 133 6226

Years : 1989 - 1995

Certified: 1)Physician in Urology. 2)Massage Therapist

and Body Work

Working Experience,

Advanced Sport Medicine Center and North Suburbs Chiropractor,
333 W Dundee rd, Buffalo Grove, il

Absolute Health Clinic, 1655 N Arlington Heights rd in Arlington Heights,
Chiropractor's office as a Massage Therapist.

Pain And Rehabilitation Center,
7300 N Cicero ave, Lincolnwood, il

N/A and Phlebotomy at Lower Keys Medical Center

5900 College rd, Key West,Fl 33040

Years 2006-2007


Physician and Massage Therapist

Tashkent Clinic – 43,

189 Fergana st. Tashkent,Uzbekistan

Years 1997 - 2006

Proficient in Trigger Point, Myo-Fascial release, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish massage and stretching techniques.

Bio, I have been a massage therapist for 20 years, I started my practice being in Maedical College in Tashkent, Uzb. I succesfuly used massage therapy in my MD practice in Tashkent. I moved to USA, so happy to be in the field of massage therapy. I use all my knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as healing energies of my mind and body to attract same sources in my clients.


I am starting Continuing Education Massage School of Graphical Biofeedback Massage Technology. This Technique of Massage is to awake a Healing Sources of human beings. Every massage therapist should come to learn this technique.

Languages English-good , Russian-excellent, Uzbek-excellent

Best masseure


Jalalov Rasul, was born on 2nd of January 1972, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

 From 1990 to 1996 he graduated the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute.

 From August 1996 to September 1997 he was an intern at the Department of "Traumatology and Orthopedics, Hand Surgery Course" 2-Tashkent State Medical Institute.

 From September 1998 to September 2000 he passed residency at the Department of "Traumatology and Orthopedics, Hand Surgery Course" 2-Tashkent State Medical Institute.

 From September 2000 to September 2001 he worked as a surgeon at the Department of "Traumatology and Orthopedics, Hand Surgery Course" 2-Tashkent State Medical Institute.

 From September 2001 to September 2004 studied and graduated at school at the Department of "Traumatology and Orthopedics, Hand Surgery Course" 2-Tashkent State Medical Institute, and in 2005 he accomplished his doctorate dissertation on "Reconstructive surgery in injuries of ligaments of the knee."

From September 2004 to February 2006 he worked as an assistant at the Department of "Traumatology and Orthopedics, Hand Surgery Course" 2-Tashkent State Medical Institute.

In addition, from September 1996 to August 2001 worked as a physician in the orthopedic sanatorium boarding school № -4 Tashkent for children with scoliosis.

 In 10 years of working experience in the above-mentioned institutions engaged in the study and treatment of trauma and orthopedic pathologies of the musculoskeletal system in children and adults. In particular, such diseases as scoliosis in children with subsequent correction of the spine, physic-therapeutic and surgical methods for the treatment of severe hand and arm injuries, damage to muscles, tendons, nerves and bones, the use of surgical techniques to repair damaged structures, conservative and surgical treatment of orthopedic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, upper and lower extremities, conservative and surgical treatment of acute trauma (fractures, sprains) of the upper and lower extremities. To increase the effectiveness of treatment effects of trauma, as well as for the treatment of certain orthopedic diseases studied and practiced extensive use of non-traditional methods of Oriental medicine.

 In 2006, immigrated to the United States. From 2006 to the present day, is working with American doctors in rehabilitation centers focused on treating the consequences of injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Proficient in Trigger Point, Myo-Fascial release, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish massage and stretching techniques.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, 60089 massage CE provider Illinois