Progressive Hypnosis And Biofeedback for Thyroid Problems

How our body works and why the thyroid gland is so vulnerable?
First of all, we need to know how our body works.
The body is the energy supply and the instrument of our mind.
It processes food into glucose, amino acids and fatty acids.  Glucose is converted into energy mainly for the brain and nervous system, and therefore for the mind and consciousness.  Some glucose, amino acids and fats support vital functions and body structure.
When the body is hungry or does not generate enough energy for the nervous system, a person often becomes stressed or angry and sleeps poorly.  Therefore, many people eat a huge amount of food per day in order to avoid stress, anger and insomnia, gaining excess fat or a huge belly.
With age, the brain and nervous system age.  Although food intake does not change in volume, the body still produces less and less energy from this food.
Under stress, the body switches to a mode of energy consumption, and the processes of energy production, that is, digestion and metabolism, are suspended.
The thyroid gland is involved in the distribution of energy in the body.
When the body has good digestion and an effective metabolism, then there is enough energy and the thyroid gland runs smoothly.  When energy is not enough, the thyroid gland begins to work intermittently.  That is, too active or just stops working.  Then the immune system monitors the "strange" state of the thyroid gland, takes it for an alien, and begins to attack the latter.
This is how thyroid problems begin.  The trigger is lack of energy.  But not everyone has problems with the thyroid gland.  Yes, the whole point is that the largest amount of energy received from food is absorbed by the brain and nerve cells.  The brain weighs only one to one and a half kilograms - this is about 2% of the body weight, and absorbs 20% of the body energy, and in an emotionally elevated person, the brain can absorb up to 50% of energy.  The brain requires the maximum amount of energy from the thyroid gland.  The thyroid gland in such people does not stand up.  After all, the brain or mind and consciousness take energy from the body, and the thyroid gland reacts to a low level of energy in the body.
Back to digestion, I mentioned that with age, the quality of digestion decreases due to aging of the intestines, liver, pancreas, gall bladder.  Aging of these organs is also associated with a low level of energy, since the same brain or consciousness absorbs the energy necessary for the rejuvenation of these organs and this forms a vicious circle in the development of thyroid problems.
From the above we can conclude: An unbalanced consciousness or nervous system is the cause of all problems with the thyroid gland.

How Progressive Hypnosis and Biofeedback Can Help With Thyroid Problems.

This method is an active hypnosis suggestion and affirmation for perfection and balance of consciousness.
Consciousness is all that we know, assume, imagine, feel, remember, plan and dream, react and solve.
Human consciousness absorbs a huge amount of energy when there is a strong resistance and friction in the work of consciousness.  The main working mechanism of consciousness is Intellect.  Intellect is a process of thought formation, limited by experience and memory.  Intellect works mainly with premises and impressions, trying to discriminate in aspects of logic, morality, emotions and significance, placing them in the memory archives in the right order.
In childhood and adolescence, external stimuli create a vivid impression due to novelty and freshness, as well as due to the youth of the senses.  The anticipation of growing up creates vivid plans and dreams, which expands the vastness of consciousness.  In such a bright space of childish and youthful consciousness, intellect works effortlessly without creating any friction.  Therefore, everything is quickly remembered.  After all, memory also has a lot of free room yet.
With age, the feelings become dull, the impression is pale and scanty, the consciousness is forced by huge memory files, the intellect hardly performs its functions, which absorbs more and more energy due to tension, tightness and darkness in the mind.
Progressive Hypnosis together with Biofeedback cleanses your consciousness from acquired impressions-parasites, unnecessary burden of negative emotions and experiences, expands your consciousness and memory.  After sessions of Progressive Hypnosis and Biofeedback, joyful emotions are again revived as in youth and a person becomes younger before his eyes.  Thyroid problems gradually recede.
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