The Most Advanced Meditation Kundalini Tantra Osho Maharishi Siva

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I was thinking what is this body, where is the soul, what is the kundalini . One night I had a dream. Osho came to me and said, the path to the light of reality through the eye. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi added, the path into the darkness of reality through the eye. Suddenly Shiva said, the universe is infinite eye, expand to it. Real yoga, a tool of self-knowledge, knowledge of self beyond the images and thoughts. So sit in a most convenient way, keep back straight , swing the whole body to awaken the kundalini . Then just swing the head and you will feel like eyeballs move in its socket. Watch them , watch . And after a while you will get to know the Great Observer. You dissolve in the Sight of the Universe. You will meet the Heavenly Beings , with further concentration embrace the Sight of Universe.