Longevity Self Massage Tyan Anmo

Longevity Self-massage Tyan Anmo.

In ancient times, the sages divided people into 4 main classes: scholars and creators, military and athletes, traders and financiers, peasants and constructors. Each class has its own subclasses that we skip. In modern society, people are divided into white-collar workers and blue-collar workers. It's strange, but why does this difference in abilities and inclinations takes place in our sociaty? At first glance it seems that all people are the same: they walk the same way, think, eat, and so on. This is true. If you look at the behavior of each person, you can see these four groups of people who have identified by the ancient sages. Scientists and creative people are usually carried away by ideas and technologies, reading and dreaming, having an amazing memory capacity and avoiding physical work in every possible way, if this is not an creativity project. The military and athletes are clearly physically developed, strong personalities with a strong-willed character tend to perform feats, train on their maximum capability, but here to take care of a garden or build a fence, their will is not enough. Merchants and financiers can not spend the day without profit, in their veins blood flowing because of a profits, they are building plans and schemes for enrichment, they are constantly looking for new contacts for expanding financial transactions and selling products. Investments are the peak of their activity when money attract more money. Such people do not want to do anything for free. Not to mention physical labor. Peasants and constructors simple people without diplomacy, they will not just read or write, draw or photograph for anything, creativity is alien to them, but order is first of all, the houshold of such people is built in accordance with perfectly common sense, and the common sense is the slogan of living of such people. Of course, since then the modern world has changed, and the physical work is a problem of robots now, computer and gadgets bring the intellectuality of different categories of people close. But, nevertheless, these ancient differences between people are still visible today. So, what is the reason for diference of abilities and inclinations in society? Any modern person will respond: a genotype. And it's true, there are genes that are responsible for the synthesis of proteins of the nervous system that control and direct our consciousness. Once fate has determined which genes to develop, the nervous system builds senses in accordance with the propensities and abilities of these genes, that is, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, genitals, skin and hair, and again, other parts of the body. Therefore, in fact, the cause of everything is destiny. Can we change our destiny? A person could be a constructor but inside he is a poet and artist, or a military one dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and a financier. The fact is that we all have same genes, but only the number of active is limited by fate. Fortunately, a person is the master of his destiny and changes it in his power. For this, we turn to the same ancient sages who most likely suspected the existence of genes, but they called them karma. Each soul or consciousness receives its instrument of karma or human body and fulfills it all in his life. In addition, these sages have left instructions on how to manage this tool and what to do if one wants to change a mode. According to their instructions, the human soul (ananda) develops the intellect (vigan) by controlling the human body (ana) with the help of vital energy (prana), which is connected with the intellect through the mind (mana). Each human body has a marma points that synchronize the three lower bodies: physical body (anamayakosha), energy body (pranamayakosha) and mental body (manamayakosha). In each category of people, the distribution of the energy body corresponds to inclinations and abilities, so in an intelligent person more energy goes into reasoning, thinking patterns and ideas, constructors have a long acting red muscles, the military and athletes have fast acting white muscles and flashes of emotion, and traders - good gourmand appetite and eternal business plans and so on. Ideally, a harmoniously developed person has a even and balanced distribution of energy throughout the body, so such people live long and without any diseases. When somewhere in the body less energy, this site becomes vulnerable to illness and injury. We see this at every turn, the peasants and builders have problems with the over-use of their physical body (arthritis, back pain, etc.) and under-utilization of intelligence (depression and alcohol dependence), intellectuals have a weak body (weak digestion and problems from it : ulcers, gastritis, skin diseases, etc.), over-use of the mind leads to mental disorders, etc. Here we can conclude: synchronicity and balance of energy, physical and mental bodies are a guarantee of good health. Let's look at these three bodies in more detail. The physical body started from two sex cells, the spermatozoid and the eggcell. Having access to nutrients, these two cells turned into a huge body, the basic functions of which that turn food into energy and continue the race. In a general it gives birth to an energy body and is an energy supplier, is it so? In fact, it is even if you want this to happen or not. The energy body uses the physical body as an instrument or as a vehicle. And what is the nature of the energy body? Unfortunately, we do not know. Examples are cases with people who after tragic events get into intensive care and get stuck with life support equipment, they are also called "vegetative state." It seems that the body is alive, trying to produce energy material, but there is no subject that would use this material. Therefore, we only can feel the nature of the energy and mental body. Ancient yogis found that the energy body controls the physical body by certain principle. They distinguish 5 main energy flows in the body (Prana) coinciding with the measurements of the physical body. Five "pranas" are all very subtle, with different qualities and functions. With the help of this knowledge they were able to create and maintain optimal health and well-being. Let us shed some light on basics of this knowledge and pactice of prana that will help us to deepen our understanding of the body. The two most important pranas are Prana-Vayu and Apana-Vayu. Prana-Vau is located in the head, between the cerebral hemispheres and in the ventricles of the brain, its energy permeates from head to chest. The flow of the Prana-Vayu moves inward and upward. It controls the energy of the brain and the eye, controls the absorption of food, water, air and connects the energy of the body with the mental body. This prana is the fundamental energy in the body and directs the channels of the four other pranas. Experience Pranu-vayu: close your eyes, sit or stand with your spine straight, but relaxed, and breathe in the air, feeling the flow of energy flowing up from the stomach to the brain. Apana-vayu is located in the pelvis and its energy permeates the lower abdomen. The stream of Apana-vayu goes down and out, its energy regulates the digestive, reproductive and excretory organs. Apana-vayu eliminates all waste materials from the body: carbon monoxide, urine, stool, etc. Eperience Apana-Vayu: close your eyes, sit or stand with a straight spine, relax, with exhalation, feel the energy flowing down from the top of the head to the coccyx. Vyana-Vayu is located in the heart and lungs permeates the blood-flow throughout the body. The Vyana-Vayu flow moves from the center of the body to the periphery. It controls circulation of all chemical substances move throughout the body. It helps other pranas with their functions. To experience Vyana-Vayu: close your eyes, sit or stand with a straight spine, relax, inhale and feel the breath, the flow of energy out from the navel to your hands and feet. Udana-Vayu is located in the throat and has a circular flow around the neck and head. Its' functions are: balancing the body, managing speech, self-expression and growth. To experience Udana-Vayu: close your eyes, sit or stand with a straight spine, and relax, inhale and exhale to feel the breath, the circulation of energy around the head and neck. Samana-Vayu is located in the abdomen, the energy is in the center of the navel. The flow of Samana-Wau moves from the periphery to the center of the body. It controls digestion and assimilation of all substances, holds the same temperature for the body. Try Samana-Vayu: close your eyes, sit or stand with a straight spine and relax, inhale and exhale to feel the breath, feel the release of heat. As we see ancient scholars deeply penetrated into the study of the structure of the energy body.But how they treated illness and old age on the basis of this knowledge and principles in the field of energy, etc.? And what was considered to be a reason of all diseases? Well, same as we would say today: all diseases from stress! To our surprise even in ancient times people understood in medicine more than we are now, although the availability of this medicine was limited. Let's return to stress. Sample: When you come home tired of working, you are sure that you will not have enough strength for anything but to fall on the sofa and lie watching TV, but suddenly you open the door and see that water flooded all over your apartment, and you only recently have remodeled whole place, your fatigue has disappeared and anger seized your body, and you ran after a neighbor, now there are so much strength in your body that you have already run to the housing office and in household goods within a minute , the stressful situation has raged. The energy body literally emerged from the physical body and soars in the expanses of rage, hatred and revenge. At the same time, the body temperature rose in the chest and fell in the limbs, hands shaking, spasm in the throat, the voice hoarse, the hair erected, the appetite disappeared, dryness in the mouth, eyes protruding, all signs of a complete imbalance in energy flows, and most importantly, when the energy body comes out of the physical body, the latter reacts with the release of death and survival hormones: adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, other catecholamines and cortisol, which injure tissues, thereby initiating serious health problems. In the modern world, such situations are at every step, but a more significant problem is when the energy body's escape process occurs imperceptibly and constantly, sowing many seeds of different diseases and rapid aging.The self-massage technique Tyan Anmo of extending the life is based on the concept of ancient teachings of Ayurveda and Tibetan massage. There are points of the physical body that synchronize all the subtle bodies. With everyday practice of this massage a person can get rid of many ailments and most importantly the body movement becomes painless, endurance increases, sleep improves, all this prolongs life. Yes, we can manage these bodies and develop skills in synchronizing all three bodies.

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