Alexander Rabinovich Rabinsun



Alexander Rabinovich-Rabinsun

Alexander knew his life purpose and professional career from the beginning  and graduated Massage Therapy School in March 1991 Kazakhstan CIS. Starting his career as a Massage Therapist made his life purpose even stronger and he passionately proceeded to absorb all knowledge of alternative medicine and graduates following courses,
Yoga and Meditation teacher certificate,
Reiki Master Certificate, September, 2007, Winnetka, IL
Energy healing Certificate, Tachion school, Alachua, FL, August 2008
Ayurveda Consultant, Udupi, India, January 2009
Life Coaching Certificate, December 2017 by ICCA

Alexander traveled around the world meeting yogis and spiritual  leaders, that made him experience Mind&Body Coach since 1995, 

He's been working in many wellness offices like at Health Smart 2001-2004, Berman Internal medicine 2004-2019. One of his massage patient was famous Formula1 driver World Champion Michael Schumacher.

Alexander is part of our team of professionals since March 2018.

Alexander is talented entrepreneur and excellent Massage Therapy Teacher. He's almost 30 years experience in massage therapy makes him outstanding mentor for any massage therapist.

Being Life Coach for so many years helps him to lead our professional team in avangard position in massage conditioning education field.