Anti Aging Massage

Hello, my name is Aybek Izzatov I am a licensed massage therapis. Today I want to show you how to properly massage the face to rejuvenate. This massage is done for about 60 minutes every three days, then there will be a stable effect. Rejuvenating facial massage, how to do it? Firstly we need to know the science behind it. What is aging? Aging is due to the fact that the collagen layer is reduced. Collagen layer is an outline of the skin, it keeps the skin expanded and that lets the little fountain arteriolar vessels operating freely, they maintain blood pressure in the skin and thereby maintain the tone of the skin, making it supple. When the collagen layer is reduced there is a narrowing of the blood vessels and the skin dries and wrinkles, reduced skin turgor, and it gets aged. How can we get rid of the process of aging? There is only one method that helps to attract fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen. This is done by means of periosteal massage. Today we have Mary, we have been working on her for about two months. Markedly improved turgor of skin, wrinkles on the forehead disappeared. How does this happen? We need to increase the blood circulation. Open vessels. We must restore normal collagen layer. We do point pressure massage, taking care of the skin and make it sure not damage the skin. Because when you pull the skin you aggravate the aging process. You cannot stretch the skin. Very carefully apply to the skin. Basically need to massage subcutaneous and periosteal to draw blood there. This forms a small bruise, and then wound process takes an active form. Wound process is an incentive to attract fibroblasts that produce collagen. If you take a closer look at what I am doing now you see how I form deep pressure pump and pump blood to the skin and periosteal. This is the first stage of rejuvenating facial massage. The most important thing in our facial rejuvenation technique - is to connect the patient to the computer, and by the rules of tyan anmo interpret each graphic, thus determining how the reviving of facial tissues goes.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, 60089

16 Jun 2013