Back Pain and Massage Tyan Anmo

This is not included to any of our classes of continuing education in massage therapy in Illinois. So, it is just for expanding your knowledge in massage science.

To explain the tactics of massage therapy in back pain we will go for more detailed examination of the causes of vertebral discs problems. There are a lot of assumptions about the occurrence of back pain due to discs misalignments. From my observations and experience with these patients, I came to the following conclusion: The only reason of herniated discs and protrusions is the failure of the ligamentous apparatus of the vertebra. The fact: that the ligaments of vertebral joints grow and develop simultaneously with bones that forming the joint. When there is an increase in bone size, ligaments stretch and thus create the maximum pull, thus directing ends of joint bones in the center, whereby they are tightly adjacent to each other in a joint "capsule". In addition to tight ligaments in the centering of the articular components actively involved muscles, thus it prevents the slightest deviation from the center of the vertebral articular bones. Here achieves a perfect balance and perfect biomechanics of the back. It should be noted that the articular surfaces of bones is a solid fibro-fibrous nature cartilage. With age, bone growth stops, more organic components of bone are replaced by inorganic ones, bone significantly loses moisture and begins to thin and dry shrink in volume. With this turn of events, ligaments abruptly lose function and tensions, the joint loses its centricity, which leads to conflict between the articular cartilages. Very often people as they age do not notice a micro trauma to the vertebral joints, when rise sharply or even when walking on uneven ground. The first symptoms occur when person stands up fast or standing up while sitting on his haunches, as ligaments are no longer able to keep bones centered and those bones moving at an acute angle of the joint surfaces this injures the cartilage. In this embodiment discs problems and vertebral arthrosis start. And all thanks to the loose ligaments. As you can imagine eliminate the cause is to restore centricity in the joint. For this it is necessary to strengthen the bone, cartilage and ligaments. Necessary to increase the blood circulation in the bone via peri-osteal massage, the pressure is going in a certain direction, depending on the type of damage. The healing process of the discs and articular cartilage depends on the state of periosteum, because they nourished diffusely from the periosteum, as the blood supply to the cartilage is very limited. Therefore, therapeutic massage today is one of the leading units in the fight against back pain.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, 60089

1 Feb 2014