Best way of massage CE in Illinois



Finding the best way for massage therapy continuing education in Illinois involves considering various factors such as accreditation, course content, format, cost, and convenience. Here are some recommendations:

1. **Accredited Schools and Providers:**
   Ensure that the continuing education courses are offered by accredited schools or providers. This ensures that the education meets recognized standards and will be accepted by licensing boards.

2. **Illinois State Requirements:**
   Check the specific continuing education requirements set by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) for massage therapists. Ensure that the courses you choose fulfill these requirements.

3. **Online and In-Person Options:**
   Look for a provider that offers a mix of online and in-person courses. This provides flexibility, allowing you to choose a format that best fits your schedule and learning preferences.

4. **Relevant Course Content:**
   Select courses that are relevant to your practice or that explore areas you want to specialize in. This could include specific massage techniques, ethics, business practices, or new developments in the field.

5. **Affordability:**
   Consider the cost of the courses. Look for options that fit your budget while still providing quality education. Some online platforms offer affordable continuing education packages.

6. **Peer Recommendations:**
   Ask fellow massage therapists in Illinois for recommendations. They may have insights into reputable providers and valuable courses.

7. **Professional Organizations:**
   Check with professional massage therapy organizations in Illinois. These organizations often provide information on accredited courses and may even offer their own continuing education opportunities.

8. **Reviews and Testimonials:**
   Read reviews and testimonials from other massage therapists who have taken the courses. This can give you an idea of the course quality and its impact on their practice.

9. **Accessibility of Instructors:**
   If you have specific questions or need clarification on certain topics, ensure that the course provides access to knowledgeable instructors who can assist you.

Remember to keep your own learning goals and preferences in mind as you evaluate continuing education options in Illinois. Always verify the accreditation status and compliance with state requirements before enrolling in any program.


10 Jan 2024