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Another example of a malady that Tyan Anmo can help to cure is obesity. Obesity can occur because of a hormone imbalance, imbalance of the nervous system, stress, or wrong eating habits. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems.


 Imbalance of the nervous system causes a body temperature to drop, and when that happens, the body starts to produce large amounts of fat, leading to starvation of other tissues.  Thus, a body always remains hungry and in need of food, but fat tissue absorbs all that is eaten. A person’s metabolism slows down and causes the accumulation of byproducts which the digestive fire can not handle. This leads to starvation of the upper tissues in the food transformation chain.


A vicious cycle is formed, where the digestive fire is no longer able to transform fat into the upstream tissues: bone, bone marrow, semen and precious juices. This creates a constant feeling of hunger, weakness, and the person gradually becomes a glutton. If you observe obese people, you can see that they do not drink fresh water; instead, a lot of them consume only sugary drinks. As I mentioned, precious juices have natural sweet taste, so people with tissues starvation become sugar dependent.         

This happens not only in case of obesity, but also with all other diseases. A body needs a perfect balance, so that the digestive fire can be potent enough to support the transformation of food into sweet precious juices. The juices give us feelings of pleasure, happiness and contentment.


An increase in local body temperature along with the simultaneous massaging of fat tissues creates even distribution of heat on adipose tissue, but not only on the skin’s surface, as it’s done with help of the electrical sheet or in the sauna. Fat does not conduct heat, it simply melts. When this happens, fat releases a large number of fat-soluble vitamins and local hormones, which accelerate a body’s metabolism, restore digestion, and reduce feelings of hunger. People start to eat less because their digestion goes back to its natural form; thus, there is there is no need to overindulge anymore.


Now I would like to discuss the role of the nervous system and the endocrine glands in the food transformation of tissues. If you look at the nervous system you can see that anatomically and functionally the nerves pierce the tissue like the plant roots growing from the spinal cord and the brain. The spinal cord looks like the stem or trunk of the plant and the brain looks as a huge flower. The pistil of the flower is the endocrine gland, which is directed upwards. The pineal gland and the nectar of the flower is the secret of this gland – melatonin, which is the only strongest anti-aging and antioxidant substance in the body.


The nervous system is powered exclusively by sweet precious juices of the body, which is why a very strict blood-brain barrier exists. In essence, the basis and the subject of our consciousness originate in the nervous system, and are limited by the nervous system also.


Endocrine glands are formed in places of the abundant innervations and abundant blood circulation, most often on the middle line of the body. This makes up the humoral nervous system, designed for the higher production of the sweet precious juices. Any hyper-functioning of glands occurs as the body tries to increase metabolism to improve the level of the sweet precious juices.


H ere is an example of the hyper-functioning thyroid gland. A woman is not satisfied with her marriage. She experiences a constant lack of happiness, confidence, and enjoyment. She does not have enough precious natural juices, which would compensate for her emotional state. Her nervous system starts to feel a lack of precious juices emanating from thyroid-activated tissue. Here is how the hyperthyroidism begins, which increases the overall metabolism.


Another good question would be: what's the reason for the reduced function of the endocrine glands, namely the thyroid gland? About 95% of hypothyroidism cases occur from problems that start in the thyroid gland. In such cases, the disorder is called primary hypothyroidism. (Secondary hypothyroidism is caused by disorders of the pituitary gland. Tertiary hypothyroidism is caused by disorders of the hypothalamus.)


The most common cause of primary hypothyroidism is low production of thyroid-stimulating hormone from the hypothalamus. This happens when the hypothalamic bulbar part of the brain has not received sufficient incentive from the peripheral nervous system that is weakened by a low concentration of precious juices. These conditions tend occur gradually, after a long depression or chronic illness. Exhaustion can be an important factor in developing hypothyroidism because the gland becomes inflamed when putrid juices accumulate in the area.


From the above mentioned, it is safe to conclude that all diseases are disorders of the digestive fire. By using the term “digestive fire”, I mean the enzymatic reactions in all tissues of the body, which are energetically and allopathically connected to one another. When the digestive fire works as it should, the person suddenly becomes content with himself and the world around him, his sleep is normalized, his digestion works as it should, and all of the important principles of self-healing start to function properly again.


Let’s continue to learn how to recover our digestive fire and get rid of the health problems of a human body and mind. First, we need to determine how much food a person should consume in a day.  For example, if we take the daily diet of an average person and weigh the entire day’s worth of food, we get about 4 pounds, or about 1800 grams. In the ancient scriptures it is written that in a day, a person should consume as much food as can be placed in the cup of his palms. This comes out to roughly 1 pound, or 450 grams. That means that we overeat by 3-4 times!


Some would argue that this example is not a part of the conventional modern diet, and 1500 calories are unlikely to fit in our palms. I agree that it is not just important how much and what kind of food we eat, but also how do we digest the food we have eaten. A complete digestion is when the minimum amount of residues and putrid juices are formed, a process which requires a perfect digestive fire.

Before proceeding to the explanation of how to recover the digestive fire with the help of Tyan Anmo technique, I will provide a few examples of disorders in the human body, so that we can determine the cause of those diseases in the view of the Tyan Anmo technique. In order to better understand this healing massage, below is some information about the biology and biochemistry of the human body.


If we look at a human body as a mechanical device, then we can see that our body has the same structure principle as any electrical toy robot. All the nerves in our body are the conductors in the toy, and the battery is the ATP.  To maximize the activity of the robotic toys, not only the conductors need to be in the correct order, but the batteries need to be recharged constantly. Everything in the human body constantly functions and maintains itself. Food is digested and converted into our tissues; however, this is only one part of the anabolic metabolism. The energy metabolism occurs when food gets converted into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the main element of recharging our human batteries.


Tyan Anmo method is not only based on straightening and balancing of the nervous and metabolic systems, but also on enriching and recharging the body with rejuvenating and healing energy. This could also be explained using another example:  Sometimes when you go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 7:00 in the morning, you feel great and ready to move mountains. At other times, you fall asleep and wake up at the exact same times, yet you feel extremely exhausted as if you were carrying bricks all night long. Why does it happen? In my opinion, that happens because most people do not know how to sleep properly because many people are not able to get into the fourth stage of sleep for enough time.


The fourth stage is dreamless sleep. It is the stage when you are simply asleep, your dreams disappear completely and our recharging takes place. The Tyan Anmo method helps to restore the body's ability to fall into the recharging stage. We achieve that by freeing the body from all the by-products that interfere with the proper metabolism, which in turn creates favorable conditions for the restoration of normal levels of ATP, enabling the body to gain back the power of self-healing.


I will try to explain the Tyan Anmo’s approach to restore the body’s great abilities as simply as I can, using three common examples of the diseases. But first, we’ll discuss the gastrointestinal (or bowel) diseases. There are many diagnostic units of the bowels diseases, from various types of gastritis and ulcers to cancer and polyps. Our modern medical scientists are trying to fight against those diseases, performing a very sophisticated research and exploring various new theories. Let's take a look at one particular disease and you will understand that the cause of intestinal diseases is only one, or rarely, twofold.


First example: a duodenal ulcer. The symptoms of this disease are: pain during hunger and pain after eating, often in the right abdomen and rarely on the left side. The most common cause of this disease is a stomach infection associated with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. It can also be caused by other aggravating conditions, such as smoking, alcohol and heredity. How is the duodenal ulcer treated today? Traditional doctors use antibiotics to kill the bacteria, antacids to reduce stomach acidity, and the medications that overlay and protect the mucous membrane of the stomach. Note that the original reason of the ulcer is not being targeted, we merely treat the symptoms.


The non-traditional doctors will tell you that in this case with ulcer the fire has increased in your body, so they will chill and relax the body by laxatives and astringents, also put the patient on a mild food diet. This sounds promising, but, unfortunately, it does not work for patients who have long-term problems with peptic ulcer disease. This often leads patients to a surgical table where doctors remove nearly the entire stomach. Why should we look for the cause of the disease when you can just remove the entire problem by cutting out the stomach?


Allow me to view this case from the point of view of Tyan Anmo massage technique. As we all know, the intestine is divided into several divisions, and each division has its own purpose and function in the moving and processing of the chyme.  There is always a constant amount of the intestinal content in the middle part of the intestine (the small intestine). That amount of the intestinal content does not change even in the case of short term starvation. Ingested food is mixed with the intestinal content, and this mixture causes digestion. Some experts of yoga cleansing techniques may argue that there is a method for cleansing the intestines, called Shank Prokshalana, when water that the person has drunk comes out from the gut absolutely clear at the end of this procedure. That suggests that the intestines would be absolutely clean after washing with 1-2 quarts of lightly salted water.  


But this is a wrong viewpoint, because the intestinal contents mentioned above have a greasy texture, so even salted water cannot mix with them. Surgeons who operate on the intestines and who have seen the intestinal contents would agree with me. The intestinal content has its own natural place and it rarely gets out of its fixed borders. However, when the whole gastrointestinal tube is not synchronized, the content changes its boundaries, causing all sorts of gastrointestinal diseases. The reason for non-synchronous constriction of the gastrointestinal tract is in the performance of the vagus nerve. If the right vagus nerve's impulses lag behind those of the left, the contents from the small intestine passes through the right side and up to the duodenum and stomach, causing ulcers, pancreatitis, gallstone disease, etc. If the left vagus nerve's impulses lag behind those of the right, there develops Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and other diseases.  


The nature of the disease depends on the consistency of the intestinal contents and its bacterial flora. So it is possible to cure all intestinal diseases just by the right way of handling certain parts of the neck where the vagus nerves pass. The sick person immediately feels better, initially passing a large volume of gases, followed by profuse defecation, soon to be free from all of those terrible trials and inconveniences. That concludes our very short explanation of intestinal diseases.


A second example is a very common disease - type 2 diabetes. A doctor prescribes a diet with restriction on sugar and carbohydrates, and also appoints certain medication to the patient. Note, that the cause of the illness is not eliminated or being treated. This is because our modern medicine does not have a precise information about the cause of diabetes, although, it adopts a vague theory about an impairment process in genes and DNA.  


Since the cause of type 2 diabetes is not determined, the disease progresses, and the patient gradually starts taking Insulin. The exact mechanism of action of Insulin is still is not completely clear to modern doctors. The long-term side effects of Insulin have yet to be properly explored. The patient ultimately encounters numerous complications to the eyes, kidneys, blood vessels and nerves. That, over time kills the patient, who is not aware of what is going on.


How does diabetes fit into the alternative medicine model and what do holistic doctors offer? Typically, they prescribe symptomatic herbs like cinnamon, bitter melon, etc. and a restricted diet. But again, this approach does not aim to eliminate the reasons for diabetes.


I believe the Tyan Anmo technique can offer a solution to diabetes. We need to know what Insulin is and what the pancreas is by nature (a very important basis of the human metabolism). When a person receives a dose of Insulin, we notice the following:  the presence of a slight chill through the whole body, the dryness of the mouth disappears, the person stats to sweat.


The taste of insulin is very acrid. Insulin irritates mucous and increases hydration. Mucous membranes and fascia boost muscle strength. But the fatty sheath is hostile to the water in the body, which is why most obese people suffer from kidney and heart disease. This happens because of the disproportional amount of water in body. Adipose tissue "eats” the muscle, and then dries up the blood and thins out the blood vessels. The volume of extracellular body fluid decreases, which inhibits the ability of blood sugar to be utilized by body tissues. But sometimes, even not quite obese people suffer from this type of diabetes. In their case, stress or chronic sleep deprivation often causes rough breathing, which leads to the oppression of moisture membranes of the muscles and organs. This is the simplest explanation.


In case with obese people we need to restore the proper sense of thirst and the desire to drink water.  In case with non-obese people we need to restore the natural hydrating ability. The Tyan Anmo method helps to increase the ability to restore blood circulation in fat tissues, to increase interstitial fluid to dissolve sugar, and to eliminate putrid juices.


A third example is a wound infection. Modern medicine uses advanced antibiotics to treat infections. Alternative medicine uses the same method, along with the philosophical principles, and herbs. This is the right approach to the problem, because the infection develops and multiplies in the corresponding environment, namely in the mucus of tissues, including the blood.  Once drugs are introduced into the body, their bitterness and virulence start to irritate the body’s tissues. The tissues get in a defense mode; produce a large amount of mucus while gradually getting depleted and reduced in number, and, finally, leading to the starvation and death of infectious organisms.  The side effect of this treatment is the depletion of the precious substance that nourishes all the organs: the life-giving mucus.  In this instance, the Tyan Anmo’s approach is to increase the quality factor of the mucus by increasing hormones in a natural way.


Cancer is a very serious disease, and in some cases, a fatal disease. Is there a radical treatment for this killer disease? Doctors trust the surgical approach, but there are few other ideas on how to get rid of this disease. A lot of scientists are working on the solution, pushing a great number of theories and methods of treatment: from the use of baking soda to Cannabinol. I think we should not get involved in the theories because these ideas take us away from reality. 


What is cancer? Modern medicine makes it clear that cancer is the uncontrollable growth of atypical tissues in the human body, and that the abnormal structural development and function of active substances in the human genotype is the cause of this atypical growth. A lot of other factors such as hereditary factors, environment, habits, and stress play an active role in the cancer development. Of course, these reasons are acceptable, but they are very vague. What did the ancient medicine say about cancer? In those days, such diseases were very rare, because people did not overeat and were not exposed to the high amount of radiation around us. Therefore, a specific technique to get rid of this disease was not determined, but it was believed that these diseases arise from over-stimulation of the principle of wind in the mode of ignorance. When the sweet precious juice of body is exhausted and gets dominated by a steam of putrefaction within the body, it helps to develop the foreign tissues. Treatment of such diseases in ancient times was to take in toxic substances, similar to the modern chemotherapy, with the latter only having increased the concentration of these substances.


What does Tyan Anmo method say on this issue? This is how we view cancer. We see another living organism growing inside of the human body. This living organism (cancer) exists on a lower evolutionary level.  In the womb of a woman, an embryo is a living organism that at first appears in a completely different life form, almost like a foreign body. It grows and develops very quickly, and in a few short months a baby is formed with a mass of 3-4 kilograms. It also forms a large amount of slag, which the mother manages to show through the folded structure of the uterus barrier. But in the case of cancer such systems and structures are not present, and the living organism (cancer) is not nourished through the umbilical cord, instead, its directly eating whatever happens to be in its way. The causes of cancer, as well as of many other diseases, are abnormal digestive fire, unhealthy diet, and lack of balance. People need the natural sweet precious juice to be produced in their body as our body is designed to produce them to our benefits.


Vitiligo is an insidious disease of the skin. It is a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin. It occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function.  People who have the disease often become victims of unfair treatment by others towards them. When many people see the white spots on the skin of the patient, they try to avoid that person not realizing that it is depigmentation of the skin. The cause of the disease has not been clarified. Treatment also does not have the expected results, and the number of those with Vitiligo is increasing every year. In most countries, the disease is officially considered to be incurable, although doctors do not deny sporadic cases of self-healing. I personally have seen cases when the disease was cured.  There are many treatments for vitiligo, but none have been positively successful.  So why is our medicine unable to overcome vitiligo?

In my opinion, we must strive not to increase, but to restore the normal number of melanocytes, the cells that produce the pigments, because their number is greatly reduced. What does the medicine aim to do? As part of the cure, researchers are trying to increase the formation of pigment with tough stimulation of the melanocytes that are still alive. They cannot withstand such stimulation and often get killed, making the disease even worse.


 A few more questions come to mind when I think about the cure. Is it possible to revive the dead cells? Is it possible to make a gray-haired woman become a brunette again?  Is it possible to reverse the pigmentation process? Vitiligo has the same principles as the graying of hair. If we watch the graying process, we will see the hair sometimes gets white at the tip and sometimes at the root. Why is it happening this way? In the first case, the reason is that the hydrogen peroxide is increased in those hairs, which rapidly destroys the pigment. In the second case, a decrease of stem cells occurs in the hair roots, which reduces the number of melanocytes. In both cases graying is inevitable. Vitiligo has practically the same causes, the only difference is that in Vitiligo stem cells in the hair follicles have ceased very quickly and more deeply into the skin, affecting a portion of the skin melanocytes.


So what is the treatment? Is it possible to restore the number of stem cells and stimulate their differentiation toward melanocytes? The fact is that the number of these cells is strictly limited proportionally to the directions and features of tissue metabolism. The only thing we need to do is to restore the balance differentiation of stem cells. The only way to get rid of this disease is to make an impact on the particular stem cells, which are located around the hair follicles.


In patients with vitiligo the process of re-pigmentation begins at the hair follicle. It looks similar to small dark dots displayed throughout the skin, and this is the first sign of the beginning of cure.  In this case Stem cells are the root of healing, which live on sweet precious juice. Increasing the amount of this juice will actually significantly improve the condition of the patients with vitiligo.


Another great example is the Alzheimer's disease.  Alzheimer's disease is a disease characterized by the formation of pathological protein in the brain tissues, especially the front part of the brain. The disease destroys the memory, as well as the ability to remember. It is still unclear why the formation of this abnormal protein occurs. I am convinced that the reason for the disease is that the gases of the putrid juices denature amino acids, and normal proteins get diluted into pathological proteins. How do we avoid this insidious disease? In my opinion, we need to know how to minimize putrid juices and try to constantly increase the production of precious good sweet juices. To do this, there’s no better method than the healing massage Tyan Anmo, which balances the nervous system, removes stagnant putrid juices from the body, and opens more ducts for noble juices in the tissues of the body. Patients who have Alzheimer's disease require a more aggressive treatment, along with a daily massage, because in this case time is working against them.







Ethics for a professional massage therapist is similar to medical ethics or deontology.  It is based on the principle of "respect for duty» (deontos or deon in Greek means "obligation, duty").  Professional ethics are based on the strict implementation of the morality requirements.  We pledge my commitment to the highest principles of the massage and bodywork profession as outlined here:

1. General duties of the massage therapist.

1.1. Massage therapist must maintain the highest level of professionalism.

1.2. Massage therapist is to love his profession, constantly improve his knowledge and practical skills.

1.3. Massage therapist should be guided by high principles of the medical and professional ethics and the criteria of morality in relation to clients, colleagues, doctors and others.

1.4. When making a professional decision, a massage therapist must proceed from considerations of benefit to the client, not of his own interests.

1.5. Massage therapist should know all the reasons for a massage; and not to use a massage the contraindications are present.

1.6. Massage therapist must actively educate people about the real benefits of the massage.

1.7. Massage therapist should only advertise and perform the massage techniques and manipulations that he has a certificate and appropriate knowledge of.

1.8. Massage therapist should refrain from the use of any psychotropic drugs, alcohol, toxic substances before or during a massage.

1.9. Massage therapist should not work in a business related to any sexual services.

1.10. Massage therapist should always follow the professional code of conduct and only use a massage technique which has been registered and certified.

 2. Duties of the massage therapist to a client.

2.1. Massage Therapist must maintain a clear and honest communication with the client and maintain a complete confidentiality of any information related to the client.

2.2. Massage therapist should refer a client to a more competent colleague or the right personnel, if the necessary treatment is beyond the level of his professional capabilities.

2.3. Massage therapist should never provoke any inappropriate activities during the massage.

2.4. Massage therapist should not engage into any sexual relations with a client before, during or after the massage.

2.5. Massage therapist should be able to completely concentrate on the client, showing constant attention, patience and tact.

2.6. Massage therapist treatment of the client’s needs to be guided by high principles of medical and professional ethics, the criteria of morality.

 3. Duties of the Massage therapist to his colleagues.

3.1. Massage therapist must treat other colleagues with respect and build a professional and friendly relationship with them.

3.2. Massage therapist should behave towards colleagues in the same manner as he would like them to behave towards him.

3.3. Massage therapist should not to persuade customers of other colleagues to become his customers instead.

The communication process with the clients

The process of communication is how we use the words to express our message to a client. (i.e. verbally and without words, non-verbal - with gestures, facial expressions, gait, posture, tone, etc.)

When communicating with the client a therapist should not use a professional slang or any words that are too difficult to understand and should strive to use brief and complete sentences and phrases.

Information delivered in a confident and resolute tone will bring trust and respect from a client vs speaking with an uncertainty in the voice that might take that away.

Great communication includes listening skills as well. Listening, as opposed to just the ability to hear, requires a good effort and professional dedication. Although it is one of the most difficult aspects of the communication, it is a very powerful aspect as well.

There are three types of listening:  active, passive, and empathic. Active listening requires a therapist to feed back what they hear from the client, to actively reflect on the information received. Passive listening is hearing what a person has to say without responding in any way. Empathic listening is a reflection of feelings.

Active listening:

1. Create the atmosphere of empathy by using a non-verbal communication. If you're attentive, sensitive, focused, and look directly at the speaker, he will feel the importance and will treat you more positively.

2. Pay attention and show your interest in the client’s needs. Remember, you have to listen with understanding.

3. Implement the logic “if you are happy, I am happy”:

a) Invoke a response to the words of the speaker. Let your thoughts and feelings reach him while not criticizing the speaker.

b) Do not ask too many questions. Remember that too many questions can have a negative impact on the client and he may feel that he is being interrogated.

c) Do not use meaningless "calming" phrases, such as: "Well, this is not so bad", "You will be better tomorrow", "Don’t take everything so seriously ", and “Do not make a mountain out of a molehill".

4. Do not allow a client to "catch you on the hook." This can happen if you get angry, offended or frustrated with a client and allow yourself to lose your temper or to make hasty conclusions toward the client.

5. Show your attention to the client in the following ways:

a) Encourage the speaker with words like “Yes”, "Right" and ”True ".

b) Encourage the speaker by using non-verbal cues: a friendly nod, the appropriate facial expressions and gestures.

c) Using phrases with a promotional content, such as: "Tell me...", "It would be very interesting to hear what you think about it", "Let's discuss it"," I am very interested in what you have to say about it!".

6. Basic rules of listening:

a) Do not interrupt the speaker.

b) Do not change the topic of the conversation.

c) Do not let yourself to be distracted from the ongoing conversation.

d) Do not to ask too many questions ("Do not cross-examine").

e) Do not fight or argue.

If a massage therapist has to interact with a client who is in a state of extreme excitement, the technique of active listening will not work. This client no longer controls his own emotions and as a result he is not able to capture the content of the conversation. In such cases it is recommended to use passive listening technique.

Passive listening:

If you are dealing with a client who experiences a strong emotional arousal, you will need to approach the situation calmly. Reflecting on his information or his feelings is completely pointless and could be harmful. Any active response on your part will likely to cause an extra burst of emotions and irritation. It does not help to say "Calm down" or "Do not be nervous".

Therefore, it is important to just listen to the person and to show him that he is being understood.  Also let him see that he is not being judged and you are willing to provide some emotional support. The best way is to apply the so-called "Yeah-response": "Yeah, Yeah, and Yeah, of course…"

The emotional state of a person is like a pendulum: If unprovoked further after it reaches the highest point it will return to a normal, centered point.  Don’t force the "pendulum" to stop, eventually it will calm down and the conversation will return to normal.  Do not be completely silent either, because the silence irritates the speaker who wants to be heard.


This technique requires a lot of patience:  the conversation cannot be interrupted until the other person has cooled down.  Catch the moment when the speaker stops talking and in that moment ask a question in the most natural tone: "What did he say?" Or "What do you say?" Or "Where was Mary at the time?”.  

Your task is not to stop the emotional conversation, which is not easy, especially when those emotions are directed at you. Your task is to prevent the speaker from falling into the same intense emotional state that led to a conflict and to the unpleasant conversation.  You need to know how to keep the emotional conversation under control using passive listening technique.  Passive listening is not as passive as the name suggests. In fact, it requires some active mental work.

Empathetic listening:                    

It is a method of listening that involves understanding both the content of a message as well as the intentof the sender and the circumstances under which the message is given.

It should be noted that the massage therapist needs to have a high level of empathy for his clients. That involves understanding what the emotional state of the client is while entering into client’s subjective world.

Empathetic listening is a necessary skill that, to some extent, helps the therapist to experience the same feelings as the patient.  It is necessary to distinguish between feeling pity (" I feel sorry for you "), sympathy (" I have good feeling towards you") and empathy (" I feel the same as you ")."

All types of listening skills are important because you can learn new information through listening and use it when working with clients to establish a good relationship based on trust and professionalism.

Lastly, here is a small list of basic Don’ts that are useful when your meet with a client:

Do not use your cell phone!

Do not eat or drink!

Do not chew gum!

Do not smoke!

Don’t play with crossword puzzles or other games!

Do not read or watch TV!

In summary, we can conclude, that a massage therapist should always be guided by high principles of medical and professional ethics.

`This concludes the instruction material. Again, for a more detailed explanation of the practical part of Tyan Anmo, Graphical Biofeedback Massage Technology (GBMT), please contact us to register for a training course of the massage.


May you always be healthy and happy!


6 Aug 2012