Healing Touch

Course Healing Touch 

1. Introduction

- 30 min

    a. About School and Aybek Izzatov.

Founded 2013. Mission - make massage therapy leader in health care industry. Health practice in Tashkent. Massage Therapy in Tashkent. Science vs Practice. 

    b. Previous courses.

Tyan Anmo GBMT. Periosteal Massage. How to make 100K a year. Hypno Massage for Sleep. Gums Fat and Muscles.

    c. About Healing Touch. 

Igor Ruchman's Book. Search and research. Experiments. Results. Preparation. Why LMT needs it. 

2. How body works, nervous system.

- 1.5 hour.

Difference between medical doctors and chiropractors.
Role of massage therapists in healing in medical office.

3. Fibanachi sequences geometry. 

How energy works?
Illusionary energy and ultimate reality of energy.

                            - 1.5 hour.                            

4. Cosmic energy

Definition of cosmic energy.
Perception and awareness of Cosmic Energy.

- 1.5 hour.

5. Rumi.

Founder of Sufi movement, how did he found the way of perception of cosmic energy           

- 1.5 hour.

6. Sufi. 

  History and culture. How they do nowadays.           

- 1.5 hour. 

7. Indications and Contraindications 

- 2 hours

8. Healing Touch Hands-On

- 6 hours

9. Anothomy 

- 2.5 hours

10. Physiology 

- 2.5 hours

11. Ethics. 

- 3 hours