How the Computer Is Bad For You

How the Computer Is Bad  For You

First, Health reasons. Beside eye problems  resulting from staring at screen for such a close distance. When you are inactive and sitting for a long period of time things like Backaches are just a start. People usually neglect physical activity after sitting on the computer for too long. This leads to a decline in health for long periods of time. Furthermore, ailment like Carpel Tunnel  syndrome and RSI arise from too much wrist moving and excessive typing.  We cannot neglect our mental health, cyber addiction occurs if one spends too much time on the computer. Spending too much time on the computer may lead to Decrease in concentration and focus. These are most of the things that happen when you spend too much time on the computer. Massage on regular basis is a must for people working with computers. We know all your problems and we know how to fix it.


Palatine, IL

8 Mar 2014