Life Giving Drink 120


Legend has it:

Long ago, when there were no people yet, demigods and demons lived on Earth, they lived for a long time, but unfortunately for them, not long enough. And so they decided to get the elixir of eternal youth from the depths of the ocean. They found a huge whorl snake, wrapped it around the largest mountain, threw it into the ocean, and began to churn. They churned for exactly one hundred million years. Every year, the ocean began to throw out different types of living beings. Finally, the ocean boiled, bubbled and threw a bowl of the elixir of eternal youth onto the land. The demigods and demons rushed to the elixir, the crowd was uncontrollable. Suddenly, an insidious demon in the form of a dragon grabbed the cup and flew away behind the Himalayan mountains in the direction where Africa, Asia and Europe join. He sat down on a mountain and brought the cup to his lips. As soon as the elixir touched the lips of the demon, the disc of the god cut his head. The bowl with the elixir fell out of the demon's hands and spilled on that land. And three fruits grew:  Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Well, where the drops of the elixir that touched the lips of the demon spilled, onions and garlic grew.

All of these five plants have a unique property, they have five flavors. There are no more such plants on earth. However, in each of them, one specific taste predominates, such as sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and tart. There is also a salty taste and tasteless taste in nature, but they do not have significant medicinal value.

According to the natural universal principle: alike to alike, These tastes come from 5 elements: sweet taste consists of the elements of earth and water, sour - earth and fire, pungent - fire and air, bitter - air and ether, tart - air and earth. When the five elements of the body are balanced, the body becomes strong and vigorous. Immunity is perfect and metabolism is of high quality.

We have developed a special micro-dosage formula from the most powerful spices in the world to balance all the elements of the body.

In ancient times, sages and healers wore these spices in their inner chest pocket to keep the body in balance and live long without getting sick. Over time, people stopped using this practice due to the inconvenience and smell.

We have resumed this practice and made it more convenient and effective.

How it works? Our taste buds are constantly working and diagnosing what is happening in our body. If you have a bitter taste and aftertaste in your mouth in the morning or sometime after eating, then obviously air predominates in your body, which can cause the intestinal wall or internal organs to dry out or some tissue decays, but if there is a sharp aftertaste, then fire prevails and probably bile mixed with rotten chyme penetrated into tissues and fluids, if it is acidic, then sometimes acid penetrates into the blood, if it is tart, then it may be that the fecal masses have risen above the cecum and gradually poison the body. But if you have a sweet taste and aftertaste in your mouth, then your body is balanced and strong.

When you drink a Life-giving drink 120, it gradually balances the nerves of the taste buds, balanced signals are sent to the brain, this balances the central nervous system, and then the whole body. Once you experience a sweet and subtle sour aftertaste throughout the day, then you are perfectly balanced. Now you have a huge amount of life-giving prana or chi energy in the form of healthy and healing saliva. Because your taste buds are working perfectly and all five flavors stimulate saliva, which is now harmonious in nature, and this saliva makes your body stronger and more eenergetic. Metabolism is highly efficient, perfect immune system and the body slows down the aging process significantly.


This Life-giving drink 120 is not a medicine that cures, heals or treats. If you have any health problems and conditions, please see your health care provider.

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