Massage and Biofeedback Courses 24CEU

Any massage technique has been considered a great way to replenish vitality of the human body. Our company invite everyone to learn the technique of biofeedback and massage, using hands on learning to make human body strong and healthy, thereby contributing to the recovery of its operational activities and maintaining the tone of the whole organism. To do that you need not only strong hands, but knowledge of human physiology and anatomy, indications or contraindications for biofeedback and massage, acupressure points etc.

This massage bodywork includes special techniques for stretching. The result is a restoration of the muscular fatigue, remove a discomfort and pain in the back. Stretching and twisting the human body, the masseur uses not only his hands, but elbows, knees and even feet. Master these skills, which are conducted by professional instructors with extensive knowledge and practice.

The program includes not only study and practice, you will learn about the history of biofeedback and massage, get familiarity with the main effects, you 'll learn all the secrets and mysteries of this art. Of course, all of this knowledge will not be learn in this time frame, so our experts will teach you basics and how to correctly determine the state of the massaged person before the session.

As mentioned above, during the biofeedback and massage we look at the impact of a special technique, which helps to maintain the vitality of the human body and mind.

Upon completion of the entire course everybody will be certified.

12 Apr 2014