massage continuing education

Today it is very popular a unique new practice - Massage and Biofeedback, this technique has a powerful relaxation and healing effect.
Our courses of training healing procedures allow to learn all nuances of this technique to understand the existing types of relaxation massage and biofeedback. Our teachers have considerable experience in this area they will thoroughly tell you about all massage techniques, review and teach practical skills required for this bodywork. But of course, most of the time will take up the study of the main topics of the course Massage and Biofeedback. You will learn the history of such practices, its basic foundations and principles, as well as learn all the beneficial properties of this procedure (improvement of lymph and blood circulation in the muscles, increase flexibility and elasticity of the skin, modeling facial contours, promotion of good metabolism), learn how to properly relax the muscles and make quality biofeedback, providing maximum health benefits for any client, regardless of age and current health status. Significant time will be allocated to practical exercises which drives to automatism in massage technique Tyan Anmo.
Our teachers pay attention to each student and all arising issues in the course. Upon completion of these courses you will receive a diploma, a certificate of completion, which gives you the right to work in this particular specialty, and provide graphical biofeedback massage service.

10 Apr 2014