massage continuing education in illinis


Therapeutic massage is the most effective method in the treatment of various diseases and injuries. Its' tactics and modifications may vary according to the characteristics of functional disorders of the body. Its' technique, indications and contraindications varies. This type of massage can be shared. It is therefore necessary to explore all its features and learn how to do everything correctly and competently.

We created a workshops of therapeutic massage and biofeedback. Students will be able to learn the data with effective treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases and ailments. After carrying out these procedures based on the use of five methods: rubbing, stroking, kneading , squeezing, vibration using an active - passive movements with biofeedback.

In our classes, you can get acquainted with the main types of therapeutic massage that you have an opportunity to use to eliminate the pain of joints, swelling in the body, accelerate the process of healing and restoration of injured tissues, normalization of sexual activity. Our teachers will introduce to the basic preparatory activities, as well as tools that are used during the procedure.
But do not forget that, as with any other type of massage, there are contraindications. So you can explore the whole range of conditions and characteristics before starting work.

As mentioned above, there are many diseases which can be healed using the therapeutic massage. Therefore, our professional massage therapists will tell you about the kinds of diseases and about the technique of the procedures in a particular case. In the classroom, " Seminars of Therapeutic Massage and Biofeedback "  the basic methods and techniques of procedures performed.
All participants will be awarded certificates and they can safely go to practice this technique.

12 Apr 2014