Massager Aybekus

In human being everything is beautiful: divine figure, beautiful face, intelligent eyes, perfect hands. Man is perfect in everything - in science, sports, the ability to dress, build houses and buildings, and even in family life. But there is one small drawback, which sometimes lowers an exquisite person to the same level as scavengers, and this drawback is a bad breath.
Well, imagine yourself, a beautiful woman, all dressed up with gorgeous make-up, wearing beautiful cologn, but as soon as she opens her mouth: the stench is such that you want to run.
No matter how hard people try to prevent this malicious defect of the human body, unfortunately it is still there, the nature is stronger than us. After all, no matter how hard we try, we are still the human beings in animal body.
Let's look at what measures are offered to us by scientific progress today to solve this problem.
- Brush your teeth in the evening and in the morning with different types of toothpastes and toothbrushes. A great solution, but, frankly, it only helps for half an hour. Since teeth affect the smell from the mouth quite insignificantly, unless, of course, they started to rot a cavities.
- Rinse with listerine fluid. It's also a good solution, but it's literally enough for a little more than cleaning your teeth, since the oral cavity is the beginning of the digestive tract, so it quickly digests everything that gets into it, including any pastes and solutions.
- Chewing gums. It's not even bad decision, but unfortunately we are not cows, our teeth will quickly wear off and deteriorate, all fill-ins will fall out in general.
- Rinse your mouth and drink water constantly. Well, it's extreme. In this case it will be necessary to visit all washrooms at each gas station and in each McDonald's.
-Ask a doctors, and they say, we need to find out the cause of the smell from the mouth. And there are a lot of reasons for your information: gastritis, esophagitis, renitis, caries, paradantosis, tonsillitis, gastrostasis, reflux esophagitis, esophageal hernia, and more.
And here is the information from Wikipedia:
The main and immediate cause of odor from the mouth is the imbalance of the microflora of the oral cavity. Normally, there is an aerobic microflora in the oral cavity that suppresses the development of anaerobic (E. coli, Solobacterium moorei, some streptococci and a number of other gram-negative microorganisms). Anaerobic microflora, the nutrient medium for which is a dense protein coating on the tongue, teeth and inner surface of the cheeks, produces volatile sulfur compounds: methyl mercaptan (acute odor of feces, rotten cabbage), allyl mercaptan (smell of garlic), propyl mercaptan (acute unpleasant odor), hydrogen sulphide smell of rotten eggs, feces), dimethyl sulfide (unpleasant sweet smell of cabbage, sulfur, gasoline), dimethyl disulfide (acute odor), carbon disulfide (weak acute odor), and non-sulfur compounds: cadaverine (cadaveric odor and odor chi), methylamine, indole, scatol (odor of feces, naphthalene), putrescine (smell of rotting meat), trimethylamine, dimethylamine (fish, ammonia odor), ammonia (a sharp unpleasant odor), and isovaleric acid (smell of sweat, rancid milk, spoiled cheese).

Halitosis (smelly smell from the mouth) cause:

dental diseases (dental caries and its complications, as well as diseases of the oral mucosa, gum disease, substandard prosthesis and orthodontic structures);
poor or improper hygiene of the oral cavity, resulting in a large number of bacteria in the oral cavity, decomposing the remains of food;
diseases of the upper respiratory tract and pharynx (for example, chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, polyps of the nose);
chronic nonspecific lung diseases;
systemic diseases of internal organs (stomach, various glands), disturbed digestion;
diabetes mellitus (the smell of acetone in diabetic coma);
kidney failure;
oncological diseases;
reception of some medicines that promote the development of dryness in the oral cavity
Often bad breath appears in the afternoon, if a person does not eat anything for breakfast and / or lunch and the smells of half-digested food go up the empty esophagus. This is not a pathology, you need to have lunch and take advantage of aromatic chewing gum or sweets with the smell of mint, lemon, strawberries, etc., drink a drink.

Fighting halitosis
Careful oral care if the causes are dental (mouth rinse, toothpaste, tooth powder);
Cleaning of the tongue, because often the cause of an unpleasant smell is white coating covering the tongue. This is due to the lengthening of the villi of the epithelium, which leads to the creation of favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. The cause of their lengthening is gastritis and gastroduodenitis. To eliminate odor from the mouth, you need to treat the digestive system and regularly clean the plaque in the tongue. For this you can use special spoons-scrapers.
Treatment of tonsillitis: often the cause can be chronic tonsillitis, due to the increase in pharyngeal tonsils, in their folds can get food particles, and live bacteria and fungi. They cause frequent inflammation and can be the cause of the smell. In such cases, you need to seek help from the otolaryngologist, to clean the tonsils.

So, if you were reading carefully, you probably noticed that the problem is an anaerobic infection, that is, an infection that develops in an oxygen-free environment, which means it dies in oxygen. So there is not enough oxygen.
How can we deliver it.
And here we offer our unique method.
Method of stimulation of the salivary ducts.
You probably ask, but what it has to do with saliva? - Saliva is a carrier of air to the surface of the mucous membrane of the mouth. Saliva digest all plaques and thus allow the tissues to breathe. Of course, you noticed when your mouth is dry and there is no saliva, the smell becomes stronger and spreads far beyond your mouth.
So with age, the amount of saliva becomes less and less, and the mouth is dryer and dryer. The salivary ducts subside and stick to each other due to the mucous membrane that is far from elastic and juicy. And the flowering of anaerobic infection in the mouth is inevitable.
Let's return to our method of reducing the bad breath.
We have created this self massage tool or massager-aybekus that made of glass and has perfect shape to massage inner chicks as well as gums, thus stimulate salivatory receptors and open up salivatory ducts.
This massager-aybekus specifically made of glass so no infection could start on the glass surface, and glass glides long time without loosing it's perfect sliding ability.
Massager-aybekus is small enough to carry it with you and whenever you fill like your mouth is dry you can go private place and massage you inner chicks and gums and stimulate the salivatory glands and make sure that your mouth is wet now which will reduce the bad breath.
How to use massager-aybekus.
First of all you have to wash this massage-aybekus with soap and rinse it with warm water before each use.
After you washed your massager-aybekus you can start the inner chicks and gums massage.
Attention! Be very slow! Slower motion is better for saliva stimulation and will keep any possible microtraumas to your mucous.
You have to slowly insert tip of round part of massager-aybekus between your inner right or left chick and gums, at this point avoid contact with teeth, trying to keep tip of massager-aybekus in the point where gums and chicks connect. At this time you can very slowly start to move along gums and inner chick for about 1-2 minutes. After you done with this side you can alternate to the other side.
Same strategy with lower inner chicks and gums, and remember the slower the better.
If you doing one upper inner chicks side for one minute and lower side for another minute, so whole mouth will take you for minutes for one session. By the time when your mucouse gets used to massage (couple months) you can increse the time to 5-6 minutes for one session. Two three sessions a day usually enough.
Another use of this massager-aybekus is self massage to go. The excellence of this massager-aybekus is that you can use it without oil, due to it's perfect gliding ability being a glass made, and you can wash it endless times and nothing will happen to it again due to it's made out of glass.
So whenever you feel like some part of your body needs kneading or pressing you can grab this massager-aybekus and massage this area thouroly. You can use oil ofcourse but if do not want use oil it is perfectly alright to use it dry.
See the pictures and videos for better understanding how to use this massager-aybekus in daily life.