Oil massage

Oil massage                 Oil Aromatherapy massage is not just a massage with aromatic oils. The therapist conducts consultation prior to treatment to assess the general health of the client, the diet and exercise, then creates a blend of oils on the individual recipe. While the effect of a mixture of oils can vary from organism to enhance its relaxation massage technique consists primarily of long, gentle stroking movements aiming at improving the sedation of nerves and lymphatic drainage.

       The rate of absorption of oil increases the skin during the massage. Essential oils extracted from a huge variety of plant sources, such as petals, leaves, roots and stems of plants and consist of tiny molecules which are readily soluble in alcohol, fats and emulsifiers. During massage oils penetrate through the skin and muscle tissue into the bloodstream. Massage is used to relieve pain, treatment of emotional stress, and generally improves the quality of life.


22 May 2013