Tyan Anmo

24 Hours Course: Graphical Biofeedback Massage Technology

Today biofeedback is an important component of many modern methods of treatment. It is shown in many researches the increase of treatment effectiveness with monitoring the biofeedback. Many American and European countries have long been successfully practicing Biofeedback.
We look forward to seeing you at our 24 hours continuing education master - class, after which you will receive international certificate. Undergraduate and graduate students of higher educational institutions of medical direction also not be amiss to receive training in such courses.
Biofeedback and massage continuing education class involves the use of special sensors and computer softwares. You can bring your laptops to the class.
This method of treatment in physiotherapy is effective in spinal injuries and intervertebral discs problems, joint stiffness, migraines, urinary tract disorders, sports injuries, etc.
 The theory involves the study of the anatomical basis and kinesiology. Basis of immune and rehabilitation system of the body. In our courses you will learn how to apply biofeedback and massage in pregnant women and for the correction of the various states in pediatrics.
Obtaining a certificate of this course will give you more options to work in our country, in the European countries and additional skills of this technique. Massage CE provider Illinois