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 Introduction to Tyan Anmo Massage Bodywork. 

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The root of the massage technique Tyan Anmo comes from what is described in the Shiva Sutras as the healing bliss and self-realization.  Tyan Anmo is directed to restore the integrity of the body, for as being a well-coordinated and synchronized system, the body is able to recover its functions which are constantly exposed to losing the balance. 

The living body is built in such a way that we always have two symmetrical sides. Every living body in Earth has symmetry, as every cell has symmetry. The ultimate intellect allowed the universe and its forms to be created in this way. From the aforementioned Sutras, we learn that bliss and eternity are always present in the center of all life forms. The bliss permeates all forms of the universe; it begins and ends in the middle of every form and body. This life form is not only the beginning of the ecumenical life forms but also the beginning of our happiness, health and bliss.

We often wonder:  What is this life? The body? The mind? The soul? How are they interlinked and how do they balance each other out? What is essential for each and what do they depend on? This can be explained based on the principles of Ayurveda (it is a system of traditional medicine native to India and a form of alternative medicine):

Many people love the sweets. We want dessert, especially after eating a meal. Our body digests the food, and, ideally, the final product should be a unique gracious sweet juice or Ojas. Ojas is the ultimate refined result of digestion, metabolism, absorption and assimilation. It is the substance that connects the mind to the body and consciousness, it is a wholesome biochemical substance that nourishes all body tissues and has a direct influence on the nature and quality of physical, mental and emotional life. Since all people have imperfect bodies, they do not produce enough of this good gracious sweet juice, and that's why many are attracted to the sweets. Why does this happen?

Ancient medicine utilizes the term “marma points”.  Marma is thought to be a Sanskrit word meaning hidden or secret. By definition, a marma point is where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. Many followers of Ayurveda consider these body points as nodes of nerve energy, but this is not entirely true. Here is a rough example: when we wash a car, we find that the places that are the most difficult to access (behind nooks and crannies, deep corners) get most of the dirt and dust. It is where the rust first develops. Similarly, a human body contains angular spaces of its own, where blood can not effectively wash away all the toxins. These points are the foci of disease and death. When they develop, our body gets dominated by putrid juices; a person cannot produce the precious good sweet juice, so a person becomes addicted to sweet foods. We use sugar to satisfy only our brain; all other tissues remain depleted and vulnerable without the sweet juice as it is the source of the immune system and the subtle energy of the body overall.  Sugar for the body as gasoline to the fire, the flame burns brightly for a second but firewood at the bottom of the flame remains cold.

Thus a living organism always goes through a struggle of life and death, a struggle between the precious good juices and the putrid juices.

Putrid juices are inevitably formed in vivo due to imperfect digestion and imperfect body structure. Putrid juices appear as offensive odors from the mouth, breath, stool, urine, and sweat. They settle in the organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and start to rot them. Their gas destroys the brains, the eyes, the ears. They drain the skin and the muscles. They make bones and teeth thin and fragile. They affect our mood and destroy our memory.

Good news is that with the proper care and good balance, precious good juices will inevitably exist in all living entities because they are the source of life, a reflection of excellence in all things existing and living. Precious juices appear as attractive joyous sparkle in the eyes, as wavy hair, as thick, juicy and firm always fresh skin, as rapid wound healing, as stamina and strong potency, as love, memory, and a sharp mind.

According to the ancient medicine, the human body has seven major tissues; they are the successive derivatives of each other in the chain of food processing. Their order is as follows: plasma is produced from food. Plasma turns into blood. Blood becomes muscles. Muscles turn into fat. From fat, bones are derived. From the bones originates bone marrow. From bone marrow there is semen, and from semen is formed the essence of life — odjas. There are only eleven drops of odjas in our body, of which three are in the heart. This entire process of transformation takes 72 hours.

When the amount of quintessence is reduced or lacking in certain areas of our body, a disease starts there. A side-tissue or tissue-waste are being formed at each stage of tissue transformation. For example, between plasma and blood –mucus and tears are formed. Between blood and muscles — bile, ear wax. Between fat and bones — body hair, nails, warts. Between bones and bone marrow — teeth, head hair and so on. Sometimes the quantity of these tissue-wastes increases or decreases, especially when there is congestion in tissues of the complete system of transition, also called blockage of channels. We can see emerging diseases from an increase in mucus, bile and other waste, giving rise to infection or neoplasms in the body, making it malfunction.

So what happens in the body when the food chain starts to work defectively? And what determines a complete digestion resulting in conversion of the food into the tissues of the body? Let us look at this example:  we are cooking soup. If we cook the soup on high heat, then the water starts to boil vigorously. Now there is excessive spray and vapor, and the vegetables in the soup seethe superficially but stay raw on the inside. If we cook on low heat, soup can never get to a boiling point and the vegetables will simply begin to decompose. Therefore, we always determine the optimum temperature for cooking different foods. In an absolutely identical way, our bodies have the digestive fire. What is digestive fire? My explanation is that it is a strong stomach acid in our gut, which helps to digest the food and as a result convert the food into the tissues of the body. When the digestive system works defectively, it results in vomiting that stomach acid heavily burns our sensitive mucosa in the upper digestive tract, and in frequent vomiting it can even destroys the teeth.

Another fact is that our small intestine carries highly alkaline liquid that instantly neutralizes the acid in the stomach. It forms a neutralization reaction with the release of water (that’s why the formation of a large amount of urine occurs after eating) followed by complete digestion. The sharp drop of PH in the digestive tract is the digestive fire, which is essential not only for digestion, but for the future supply of all body tissues. If for some reason the digestive fire becomes more acidic than it already is, then the flame and acidic steam rises up as heartburn. In addition, alkaline liquids in our stomach cannot sufficiently neutralize the acid, so it causes the formations of ulcers of stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. In such cases, the food is digested only superficially because of the rapid denaturing of the upper layers of food with the formation of a dense crust, and the enzymes are no longer able to get through this crust. As a result, digestive disorders, starvation of tissues, and a weakening the immune system occur. In the case of a low digestion fire, when the acidity is reduced too much, we see people constantly belching rotten smell, and the stool has pieces of undigested food. The result is almost the same as in the first case — a failure to properly digest the food.

Therefore, based on the above examples, we can clearly see that the imbalanced digestive fire can cause problems in a transformation of the food into body tissues.

The reasons the digestive fire can be imbalanced are innumerable. Most of the factors occur from an imbalance of the nervous system. We all know that digestion is almost entirely under control of the parasympathetic nervous system, which functions in close connection with the sympathetic nervous system.  There should be a stable balance between the parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system; between the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system; between the left brain and the right brain; as well as between the left brain nuclei of cranial nerves and the right-brain nuclei of cranial nerves. Any imbalance leads to the breakdown of the digestive fire.  Other causes of the digestive fire disorders are: the improper life style (eating at night, exercising immediately after eating) or poor diet (eating too fast or too slow, too hot or too cold, eating hard to digest foods).

As the fire of digestion now has been explained, we can proceed to the consequences of the defective digestion. First, I would like to expend the role of the sweet precious juice in maintaining the physiology and anatomy of the body. Every tissue in the body has a constant number of semi-differentiated stem cells that support a number of cells of the tissue. The stem cells are fed by the sweet precious juices, and when the body is aging and begins to produce more putrid juices, the number of stem cells decreases sharply. Another important cell component which lives on sweet precious juice is the cell nucleus, where the DNA division and replication take place. When the putrid juices get into these tissues – some of the tissues experience self-destruction. (Ex. vitiligo, cirrhosis, etc.)

Consequences of the defective food processing are innumerable too. Almost all diseases happen because of the dysfunction of the food transformation chain.  This can happen even before birth due to accumulation of the putrid juices that destroy the normal food transformation chain to the embryo in the womb.

Let's take for example the common disease atherosclerosis, which is a direct cause of cardiovascular pathologies. Vascular tissues are composed of muscle and connective tissue. The specific type of connective tissue varies: fat connective tissue, bone connective tissue, cartilage, blood, lymph. They all are connected to one another in the chain of the food conversion. In vessels, we have connective tissue itself (plain) that performs the role of skeletal vessel, so it's important to keep it supple and elastic.

The vascular smooth muscles are regulating the pressure of the blood stream and determine the direction of the blood flow and volume. If there is improper nourishing supply to the vessels, the plain connective tissue suffers losing elasticity and firmness, as well as muscular tissue its’ capacity. When the imbalance between produced putrid juices and produced sweet precious juices occurs then vessels in the body react accordingly, this further aggravates the condition of the person.

If we take the physiology by the principle of alternative medicine, we can see that the causes of all different kinds of diseases are practically the same. If a person learns how to support production of sweet precious juices in the body by proper nutrition, moderate physical exercises, and proper breathing, he or she will never get sick.

Let's move on to the process of healing, or regeneration ability, with the help of the healing massage technique Tyan Anmo. The most important thing about Tyan Anmo is integrity. Integrity is the beginning and it is the end. Integrity is the attribute of eternity. All existence approaches integrity, because integrity is perfection. The birth and existence of the universe are both processes striving for integrity. Nothing is as absolute as integrity but an ultimate consciousness, as consciousness is completely integrated in the nature.


Every living being is fully operational only in the certain integrity. When the integrity is violated, as when certain parts of the whole body lose contact with the whole, the body loses its connection with the absolute consciousness. For example, even in cooking, if we use a blender, food loses its integrity and it has no rays of absolute consciousness. The Holistic Approach to healing with Tyan Anmo technique begins here.


The Tyan Anmo technique’s goal is to restore the integrity of the body. As a well-coordinated and synchronized system the body is able to recover its functions, which are constantly exposed to unbalancing from the outside world.


Before practicing Tyan Anmo, the massage therapist himself must be in excellent health and have a good physical stamina. This requires not only proper nutrition and exercise, but also constant meditation. Tyan Anmo therapist should acquire practical skills of the method by practicing the technique himself. In addition, a skilled Tyan Anmo therapist should be able to feel the change of sensations in various parts of his body, to distinguish which side of the body is slower, or overheated, or chilled. Another great skill that is essential for practicing Tyan Anmo is having knowledge of the points and areas where putrid juices precipitate, as well as places where you can influence the activation of the autonomic nervous system. Yet another requirement for the apprentice is knowledge of the foundations of health problems based on the principles of Tyan Anmo. This knowledge is essential for a successful application of the technology in the course of massage therapy.


Before starting this massage technique, a massage therapist must query every client.  We must determine if the patient has any health issues: Does the client take pills? What kind of pills? What is the diagnosis and history of illness?  Does the patient have any skin and allergic diseases? Did the patient have any injuries? Women's issues, pregnancy, psychological problems are also relevant to the treatment. Then, the therapist must assess the physical condition of the client in order to determine the direction of the therapy. Only after performing all steps listed above the therapist can proceed to practice further.

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31 Aug 2012