Tyan Anmo vs Others

The new massage technique Tyan Anmo or GBMT (Graphical Biofeedback Massage Technology). What makes it different from other modalities and what is its advantage?
Aybek Izzatov for the first time to improve the productivity and effectiveness of therapeutic massage started using sensor technology with biofeedback. He performed about a hundred sessions of massage in this way. It was necessary to determine the most effective set of elements in a therapeutic massage. Finally he came to the result and fruit of this result was this book Tyan Anmo. This is the most effective massage technique today. The client can see the result of massage on the chart. Each session of massage can be compared to each other and the dynamics can determine the direction of therapeutic massage. It turns out that every customer will have objective data on the hands after this massage. This is wonderful.



18 May 2013