Weight Loss Massage

Another example, obesity. Obesity can occur with the hormone imbalance, the imbalance of the nervous system, stress, wrong eating habits. This leads to a general lowering of the temperature of the body when the body temperature drops, the body tries to keep the temperature of the internal organs and starts to produce large amounts of fat, leading to starvation of other tissues. Thus a vicious circle is formed in which the body as a whole hungry and needs food, and fat tissue absorbs all that is eaten. All these reasons slows down metabolism with accumulating byproducts and digestive fire can not handle it any more, leading to starvation of upper tissues in food transformation chain and a vicious circle forms, where the weakness of digestive fire is no longer able to transform fat into the upstream tissue like bone, then bone marrow, semen and precious juices. This creates a constant feeling of hunger, weakness, a person gradually becomes gluttony. If you watch people with obesity, you can see that they do not drink fresh water and in their diet there are abundant food and sugary drinks. As I mentioned, precious juices have natural sweet taste, so people with tissues starvation become sugar dependent. That's a vicious circle of not only obesity, but also with all other diseases. We need a perfect balance so the digestive fire had such potency with which it could support the transformation of food throughout the food transformation of tissues to form a natural sweet precious juices, giving a feeling of pleasure, happiness and contentment. An increase in local temperature and massaging fat tissue simultaneously, we distribute the heat evenly on adipose tissue, but not only on the skin surface, as is done by heating of the electrical sheet or in the sauna, because fat does not conduct heat, it melts. Then released a large number of fat-soluble vitamins, local hormones, accelerating metabolism, digestion is restored, no more gluttony, people eat less, because there is no need, a person can have everything, because one is digesting everything.drdot-140.jpg

27 Aug 2012