What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

I am interested in meditation in the context of its applicability to the life and development of  Western man, that is, you and me ..


Benefits of meditation, what you get.

A man who goes to work, burdened with care and under constant stress exposure. Person who wants to learn how to cope with the problems, do not be impulsive and live in harmony with yourself and others, to develop his potential. Be assured that good practice of meditation  promotes the solution on all this issues.


So what does Meditation do to you?


Summing up the results of scientific research, has been isolated following number of positive effects of meditation,

Some physiological effects of meditation include,

The stabilizing effect on blood pressure

Decrease in heart rate and respiration

Reduction of stress hormones in the body

Improving the mental activity

Strengthening of immunity

Stabilization of the activity of brain waves

Boost of energy and vitality


Some psychological effects of meditation include,

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Reducing fears, phobias, fear of death

Improved mood, ability to enjoy life

The growth of self-confidence

Improving awareness

Improved ability to concentrate

Gain strength in emotional control

Raising the level of intelligence and organization of thinking


The benefits of meditation and positive impact on psychological and physical health, on this subject scientific research conducted. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the western world because of its positive effects on well-being. According to the Wikipedia, according to a study conducted by the U.S. government in this country is engaged in meditation (or ever did) about 10% of the population. It's about 20 million people!


"Since 1950, the West had produced about 3,000 studies on the effect of meditation on human health. More than 1000 of these various methods of meditation associated with changes in metabolism, blood pressure, activity of the brain and other physiological processes. Meditation is used for clinical purposes as a method of reducing stress and pain. "

How to learn meditation?


13 Jun 2013